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$800 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Schott NYC X Context Clothing CXL 113 Horsehide Leather "Perfecto" Jacket Size Large

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Size Large, SOLD

This is an awe-inspiring jacket, which will never be made again. Collaboration between Context Clothing, Schott NYC, and Horween Tannery. Only 50 were made and are now all sold. The only remaining jackets are floating around on people's bodies, hiding in closets, and occasionally popping up on second-hand markets. Honestly, if you're reading this, there's a good chance you already know the deal with this jacket. List price was $995. Check out the original site: CLICK HERE 

As for my particular jacket: I'm not gonna lie, I've worn it quite a few times. I am the original owner and I bought it last January, though the last six months have been so hot in Colorado that I haven't really been able to wear it much since March. This thing is ridiculously durable, thick, and luscious. As much as I've worn it, I think I've barely scratched the surface of breaking it in. I don't ride a motorcycle or any crazy sh*t like that, so most of the wear is from commuting to and working in an office. The long and short of why I'm looking to let it go is that I sized up too far because I wanted to layer under it and ultimately ended up with a jacket that's a bit baggy for my liking.

I am very sad to let this thing go because it is f*cking beautiful and quite possibly the finest jacket I have ever worn. It's just too big. I need to accept that. :'(

Let me know me if you've got any questions!


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