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For Sale:
Allen Edmonds Jingle Bell Mok - 11.5 D - Try-on wear only

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I grabbed a pair from ShoeBank not too long ago in 11.5D, and now that I have a blue Neumok in 11.5E I realize that is my better size for them.  They have minimal try-on wear, and the only flaws I can find are slightly wrinkled leather (mainly when not on-foot) and the toes are a bit darker, but they present really well.  If they're marked as seconds, they missed - there are sorta marks in the general area, but not anything close to the 2nd-shoe.  It will be a couple of weeks before I can ship them (10/15) unless someone wants to grab them by Oct. 1st.  I paid $147 plus shipping, and would like to be pretty close to that.  I'll thrown in the bags and shipping.