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Nice boots for the Rain?

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So it has been a bit rainy and wet where I live (Boston) for a few days, and for the next few days looks like it will hold up. So I am thinking that I could use a nice set of boots for the rain.


Ideally this would not exceed $300, but I could go up a little if I really like them. Cheaper is good too if the quality is not compromised. I’d consider shoes but those are harder to get a good fit for me, so they would need to be available locally or have a good return policy.


My current collection of nice boots are all leather soled. So those are not good for rain. My old shoes, before I started getting nice ones are all wearing out. This sort of threw a wrench into my plans to branch out into nicer non-boots, ideally with a leather sole, but hopefully I can afford both if I stop buy scotch for a bit.


Anyway we were having such a nice drought, I was hoping I would be able to wear the nice ones all month.

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Something like this would be good for that budget.
Scotch grain, rubber sole, storm welt. Not local obviously, however, it's a bit under budget if you need to return.
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I much prefer the 101477 (balmoral boot) in dark brown or oak and brown. How does Lama Calf hold up in rain? I don't intend to wear them in a downpour or anything crazy, just light rain or scattered showers which I would rather not wear my best/favorite shoes in.

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I like those better too but no storm welt and scotch grain, so definitely not as good in the rain. But it seems like you won't be wearing them in really bad weather so should be fine
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AE Factory 2nds:


At 299, scotch grain Dundee with rubber sole:



You could also go with Meermin.


Or you could Topy one of your existing pairs.

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I know that the scotch grain is one of the best leathers for rain, but I much prefer Balmoral boots or derby boots overa a chukka.

Thanks for the info though, I'll check out AE.
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Topy on my 7W balmoral boots seems the way to go for now, also will need to waterproof the suede (and I’ll ask the shoe repair place to do it).


Too bad I missed out on the black scotch grain leather balmoral boot with rubber city sole offered the J Fitzpatrick. I remember when it was on clearance sale. Also still need to stop by the AE store and see if any one their lasts are suitable 


Thanks bc78 and Claghorn for you input. 


Anyone else have any ideas or input?

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