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This is my first post, new member, although I have been reading for some time.


I have the suit below:


It ended up working pretty well for me off of the shelf, with only minor adjustments.


I am trying to build my shirts up, and have decided to give Indochino a shot, due to not being able to find a good off the shelf that fits well.  I am trying to be as versatile as I can with the shirts that I order.  I am color blind, so sometimes it is a little difficult for me to decide what shirts/ties/pocket squares, etc. will work with a given outfit.  I was wanting some opinions on the following shirts and how they would pair with the charcoal suit.


Right now I am debating between these shirts, and plan on placing an order for five.  I  have other shirts, but for the sake of this thread, lets assume that I don't have any.