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Dear All,


This year I founded a trading company with my partners. We do wholesale and online retail of custom products under the brand Sartoria Sapone. We started with custom leather belts and we'll add some clothing pieces soon. We only select premium quality products and manufacturers.


I have a few stylists working with me now, mostly in France. I would like to develop in the US market and that is why I post here today. I am looking for:

- B2B agents who prospect tailor stores, bespoke brands, hotels, resorts, casinos and companies which needs custom products

- B2C stylists who prospect final customers


If you are an agent/stylist who offers tailor made suits, our accessories can be a good addition to your range.


You can take a look at

- our shop

- our B2B solution


If you're not interested in a position but have a few minutes to check my website and give me some constructive feedback about the website, the offer (price, choice) and the products, please let me know.


Feel free to get back to me for further information.


Looking forward to hearing from you guys!