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Suitsupply Design Your Own Suit (DYOS)

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I'm not sure how many of you noticed that Suitsupply recently replaced their Blue Line Tailoring with a new  Design Your Own Suit (DYOS) option. This allows customers to choose between 50+ fabrics (I counted 71) and 6 different cuts and can now be ordered online. 


I see it as a step up compared to the previous option where the only cut available was basically the Napoli and the price is still 399 EUR in Europe / $639 in the US (sorry guys!). The information about what is and not included is however hard to find even for employees so after having a lengthy discussion with their customer service I decided to share my findings with anyone out there who might be interested. 


DYOS can be ordered in 3 ways:


  • Directly on the website
  • Via the customer service (chat, phone or email)
  • In store 


If you order directly on the website you can choose the fabric, cut and different sizes for the jacket and pants, however the fit is standard no other alterations are possible. If you need to change anything you will need to do so at your own cost after receiving the suit.


If you order in store or via the customer service is where things get interesting, because you can have your measurements taken in the store or provide them to the customer service, and have your suit made from the beginning based on your measurements at no extra cost. If the suit made based on your measurements doesn't fit right, they will make any necessary adjustments directly in store at no extra cost. 


The following measurements and adjustments are possible with DYOS:

  • Jacket
    • ​Jacket Chest
    • Jacket Waist
    • Jacket Length
    • Sleeve Length
    • Narrowing of the collar
  • Trousers
    • Trouser Waist
    • Trouser Length
    • Front Rise
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Ankle (leg opening)


An optional waistcoat and additional pair of pants can also be ordered. 


I think this service covers all the basic adjustments; I see it as great value especially if you live in Europe since you can create a truly unique combination, much closer now to their MTM offering. I'm planning to try it out soon.



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Thanks very much for your summary--very interesting! And please do follow up if you try it out.

And BTW you should post this to the "Suitsupply NYC" thread.

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With this option can you get suits in other cuts besides the Napoli?

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That's interesting info. However, I asked about this with the online suit supply support, and they told me conclusively that it is not possible to have more specifications with the design your own suit programme if you order in store than if you order online. They said maybe in the future but not at the moment. Any idea why there are different messages?
I would be keen to have possibility of ordering a suit with altered jacket waist and trouser hips.
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I don't know if the problem was that I am in the UK, but the support person was Dutch and I think they were referring to arrangements in all store locations.
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Still crap and if ordered on line a surefire way of creating a disaster.
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I'm sorry for the late reply. This is a pretty new feature and there might still be confusion between the customer service reps on how it works. I have the information above in an email from them that I can share with you. I also confirmed the same thing in the store in Zurich. Btw great customer service from the Suitsupply store in Zurich. I recently took the pants from a one year old suit there for a modification. They didn't come out quite the way we expected and after one attempt to fix it, they promptly proposed to reimburse me the full price of the suit, although it was worn. I gladly accepted.

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Yes the other styles available are Lazio / Havana / Athletic / Washington / Soho.

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And your post brings value how?

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Ive tried SuitSupply and whilst they are great value, I just go through them very quickly. But their store in Zurich is great, but I go bespoke now and they've lasted much longer. price wasnt too bad either. 

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