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Raja vs. chan (generally)

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Among the itinerant Hong Kong tailors, Raja Fashion and W.W. Chan seem to be the standouts. I have an appointment with Chan for my first suit next month. Has anyone dealt with both? If so, how would you compare them? I have gotten the impression that Chan is somewhat more upscale and "classy" (to use a word I detest.). Is this correct? Anyway, I would welcome any imput from any of the forum members on this topic.
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Seeing how no one else has taken the time to respond, I suppose I'll do so myself. Unfortunately I've only dealt with Raja and not Chan, and my overall experience was mixed. If you do a search, I'm sure you'll come up with my original post on the subject. Raja and his staff came off too much like used car salesmen, willing to do anything to put you in a more expensive suit than what you intended. Plus, when confronted with the question of the suits being canvas or fused, the only I answer I got was "half and half." Whatever that means or if it's even true is debatable... I say go for Chan. You may have to wait longer for the end result (Raja's turn around time on the other hand is 3 weeks) but you'll probably be happier in the long run.
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Chan is unbelievably professional. In fact, they will first point you to the special deal that they have at the time -- this time around it is Loro Piana Super 120s for $845. How can you beat that.? On Chan's styling -- they might push for a three button because that is the current "trend," so know what you want ahead of time and stick with it. The shoulders are padded like Brioni -- perhaps even a little more because they add a little padding at the sleeve head OUTSIDE of the shoulder seam (does that make sense), and I've found that they cut the shoulders about 1/4" wider than most Neopolitans. So you may want to mention that if you would like a lesser padded, narrower shoulder. I'd bring in specific pictures of the cut you are going for. In terms of fit, comfort, and quality, I have found that my Chan suit fits incredibly well, and it very comfortable. As for quality, like I said before it isn't an Oxxford, Kiton, etc. It just isn't, and you can tell when inspecting it. However, it is definitely better made than Corneliani, and probably Canali. Comparing it to something like Belvest in terms of sheer quality probably isn't a reach.
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Can anyone post a pic of a Chan suit? (I've done several searches). I have an appointment to see them next month in L.A., and I'd love to see a photo of their typical house style in to see if I want to make any adjustments to that.
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I'll post a picture by the end of the weekend (hopefully earlier even).
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I'm wearing my brand new Chan suit - super 130s, medium gray, two button, peak lapel, double vented, with purple silk lining. I love it - fits me to a tee and the material is like butter. If you want a pic of the construction, look here - it's my first Chan suit... Suit
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Everything I've read here has convinced me that I won't be disappointed with Chan quality and service. I'm not a difficult fit for RTW, but I love the idea of picking my fabric and cut and having a suit made for me. My only concern is that the suit won't be as stylish as I like, or not cut the way I'd prefer, so I'm looking forward to seeing a good picture of a finished suit. PeterMetro - thanks for the picture you linked. I can't really discern the styling from that picture. Do you have a picture of a completed Chan suit?
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Where does Hemrajani fit into this hierarchy? I had a fitting with him a few weeks ago, and was going to hold off posting about it until the suit comes in, but I was quite pleased.
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Where does Hemrajani fit into this hierarchy? I had a fitting with him a few weeks ago, and was going to hold off posting about it until the suit comes in, but I was quite pleased.
A quick search of the archives results in a topic on that very question: Chan vs. Hemrajani dan
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So there is, thank you. Hmm, that's disappointing. I did search the archives beforehand and found mostly positive comments on Hemrajani. As mentioned I was pleased with the measuring process. Will now be a little more anxious as I wait for my suit.
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Many of the traveling/Asian tailors have been discussed at one time or another. From what I can remember, none get very high marks except for Jantzen and Chan with the usual caveats about Jantzen's (lack of) customer service and inconsistent delivery time. dan
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Just digging up this old thread to see if anyone has any other pictures of suits from WW Chan and/or Raja. They are both coming to the DC area in the next few weeks, and I am trying to decide which one to go with - I may just get one suit from each for comparison purposes and then order my future suits from the tailor I prefer. Doctor Crane - I quite like your suit from Raja - is that their house cut or did you have to explain to them what you were looking for? How detailed did you get and how well did they fulfill your requests?
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I'll see if I can borrow a digital camera for some pics. It would be illuminating to get other's input on their work, anyway. dan
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