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Dylan & Son - Singapore - BEWARE!

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Hi friends from all over the world. Some of you wold know this Singaporean tailoring shop -


They had a sale over the weekend and it was a nasty experience.


Friends whom are travelling to Singapore and would like to get opinions on this establishment, my 2 cents worths - is to avoid it at all!


There are other tailoring shops that run a honest and authentic business out there. Shame.



For those whom are new to tailoring and are keen to try this establishment, my advise - avoid if you can. Money can be spent at other more honest and friendly places. Dylan used an unscrupulous sales tatic, reminiscent of typical scammers.

A gentleman had picked a suit (jacket and trousers) for trying. It had been marked down (as clearly indicated in black and white on the price tag) from $100 to $50. After trying, it seemed like he would buy the item and proceeded to confirm with Dylan the price. Immediately, Dylan said it would costs $100. But it was clearly stated that it was $50, having been marked down from $100. When queried why he quoted a $100 price, Dylan simply removed the price tag from the jacket and gave a cheeky smirk, saying it is $100 and then walked away.

This was a strange occurence. There was another suit on the sale rack in the same fabric which also showed that the price was marked down from $100 to $50. It could not have been a mistake / error on his mark that he had wrongly mark down the item!

Quite simply - Dylan suddenly decided to not honour the marked down price and decided to jack up the price back to $100 because he had sensed the gentleman already made up his mind to get his suit anyway. So why not make a quick buck by telling the customer its actualyl $100?

Honest sales tatics? Or savvy business owner? You decide. Newbies, be warned.

It seemed that the gentleman was taken aback and he decided not to proceed with the purchase after being told it was $100, and not $50 as quoted on the price tag.

Before you know it, Dylan approached the gentleman and said "Ok, $50 it is." Well, that was fast! Suddenly its back to $50 again! Wow doesn't this just remind you of typical spin doctors whom would slash their prices when you decide to walk away, in a desperate attempt to entice you back? Well it certainly seemed so!

Folks here who frequent Dylan and Son, save yourself the trouble if you would like to defend him. 

For all new to tailoring or have considered his shop, i strongly urge you to stay away.

This establishment seems to be in the same league as Kevin Seah.

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Love scams!


Thanks for let us know.

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I found these on his facebook reviews page. seems like others have experienced the same of sorts.




To be fair, there are some positive reviews. So, try at your own risk / luck!

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It looks true narcissist behaviour and might be of psychopathy as well.


Very common on nowadays tailoring business. Most behave as if are making a favor to the client who passed to be victim.


I have exposed some of those. 

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Slimy tactics for sure, but I wouldn't call an out-and-out scam. A scam is if customer pays for a product, either doesn't receive it or finds huge problems with it, and merchant refuses to fix/refund. All that being said, I still wouldn't trust the quality of someone who would pull s--t like this, so no buy.


Part of this is in the culture as well. Sales tactics like this would not be uncommon in outside markets in that part of the world.

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Originally Posted by blahblacksheep View Post

This establishment seems to be in the same league as Kevin Seah.

That's very unfortunate to hear about an up and coming tailoring establishment. I've not heard anything shady about Kevin Seah. I almost contacted him to have a suit made once. Are there any stories you would like to share?
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