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The hem on the trousers that came with the tails was just long enough for me to squeak past, after I lowered them. But I do like your idea thanks Marsay!
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Yeah good point Chobochobo - i think I'll rock the tails a bit more in future, thanks!
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Thanks for your input Tibor - true words.
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That's an interesting point jamiemcp - but I think White Tie, in terms cosmetic appearance when executed properly, is very similar in looks to Black tie, albeit more elegant. I think the clown suit may stand out more than a set of tails, especially when one is surrounded by friends in proper tuxedos, and/or ladies in fine eveni gowns. But you've also worn the full rig more than I have, so you do have far more experience than I do.
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Poorsod, that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing those fantastic pics!!!!!
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I inherited a white tie rig and a full set of morning attire from a wealthy relative about 54 years ago. I never could find any occasion for which I could rationalize the expense of getting them altered and eventually they fell victim to the moths. For similar reasons, I have never been able to rationalize getting a good black tie rig, although I would if I could possibly justify the expense.

It might be helpful if you told us where you lived. Is white tie customarily worn by any people in your neck of the woods (except as wedding rentals)? If not, then I am inclined to add my voice to those who have suggested it would be decidedly over the top, and I am not a guy who minds overdressing a bit and standing out from the crowd.

I went to prep school and Oxford and have moved among reasonably prosperous, socially genteel people. I have exactly one friend who had ever worn white tie. He is the son of moderately famous actor and has prospered extremely well. He wore it on one occasion as an escort at debutante ball. It was a rental. This would have been over 50 years ago, which may tell you something.
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Well to be honest, I have already wore my tails to a wedding Chohochobo - but the bride and groom were old friends of mine who loved Downton Abbey, and wanted me to wear it. And to be honest, it was a most amazing experience lol.


If you have to rationalize an outfit, by the hosts were fans of Downtown Abbey, that should answer your question.

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Well JLibourel I live in the Greater Toronto Area, so formal wear of any kind is rare. However, in my specific circle, most wear business casual/business formal on a daily basis, and most of the people of my generation (about 18-29 years) have evening wear (usually a two piece tuxedo - I'm the only one who sports a cummerbund or waistcoat).

So while it's not common where I live, I am very comfortable wearing evening wear. But I do see your point in saying that it might be over the top, especially for a young guy.
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Never thought about it that way Recentgrad - but I wasn't rationalizing, but was rather explaining the evening. Sorry for the confusion smile.gif
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