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Tuxedo scarf

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I been searching and trying to find a scarf for my groomsmen to wear. I don't want to do a tie, or bow tie. I want it less casual and I like this look but I can't find anything which would resemble a "Tuxedo scarf" which isn't just plain white or black. Anyone know where I can find any?

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That would just be a regular silk scarf.  Brooks Brothers does some decent ones:,default,sc.html?pmin=1&prefn1=fabric&prefv1=Silk


Drakes also has them.  Note that if you want quality, these things are far from cheap:

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Are your groomsmen going to be wearing tuxedoes? If so, eschewing a bowtie or even a regular tie, is just going to look very odd, with or without a silk scarf. Moreover, only a white or black scarf would be proper with a tux, anyway.
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