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I workout as well and understand the look your were after however, you have to understand that men's clothing should skim the body not huge it. Women wear their clothing to fit their body to show off their curves NOT men that is why their clothing has material that allows it to stretch. Our clothes have not gotten to that point as to where the material has that ability but I did hear it will soon be clothing with stretch material soon.
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Got this shirt back from the tailor finally & I think it's right now.


As predicted in other threads here in styleforum you can see the holes were he let it out b/c the shirt is cotton. The holes at the sides though (not at the back/divots) & just looks like a design tbh.


I guess I'm good - for next summer :(


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Was that 3 weeks at the tailors? That's a long ass time.
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Yes it was 3 weeks & that's only for the latest fix on that shirt which I originally gave to him in July. I also got back a summer suit in late September he'd had for 6 weeks so now I can't wear it until next year.


I like this guy but he's got some shortcomings, back to school time is busy for him. I experimented with another tailor & so far I'm not impressed with him either.

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To be honest I am not surprised of the out come. It is very hard to take a already made garment and make it fit a person it was not design to fit. You can't go at this on the cheap or you will often get similar results.

You would have been better to have it made custom from the start. It is a guarantee it will turn out right every time? No! However, if you are realistic about what you want and your body type, more often than not it will come out good. Lesson learned hopefully so spend the money and get a more desired outcome
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way too tight man.

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You've spent way too much time and money on a shirt that doesn't look good. It's still not fitting you properly.
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I wish I knew how he made it bigger.
unless his seam at the sides was too big, and now has very small seams
stitch marks will wash out
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In general, I'd say that creasing beside the buttons indicate that a shirt is a bit too snug. That said, it isn't obviously toooo tight.
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Personally I don't find it to be too tight, but being a younger gent, may tastes may be wrong. The fit is to my eye between "slim" and "tailored" - for casual situations, I think you could wear it without any issue.

But if you don't feel comfortable wearing it, don't wear it. Style is all about selecting your clothes with great care, and then forgetting all about them.
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I don't know man - it's pretty tight. You are fit enough to pull off a tighter shirt but this might be just one step over that line.
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definitely too tight

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