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lapel width

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I have a few older suits...they look like this.  Lapels are on the larger size....3.5" to 3.75".  Can they be worn in 2016?

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I suggest you show the pants also for optimum advice, pants have become much tighter as lapels have shrunk.

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Take a picture of your actual suit if you can.  You can't go off lapel width alone....all of my lapels are within that range.  You also have to consider the shape of the jacket (i.e., chest/waist), gorge, shoulder structure, etc. 

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I'd be much happier wearing an older suit with 3.5 - 3.75" lapels, than I would be wearing most of the currently fashionable modern/short/tight style suits.
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With older suits, it's not just the lapel width that will make it look dated. The location of the gorge, button stance, and cut will also add to it's dated-ness. Wide lapels are back in in some circles, but other than the lapels, they don't really look like a 90s or early 00's jacket. I guess the short answer is, they will look like old suits for sure. For notch I prefer not to go over 3". For peak I am more open to really wide.
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