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Sorry you're not a moron you are just a 8 year old kid. Not very smart kid though, but not moron.
Judging by the lenght of your posts, attempt at childish insults, energy you put in, I'd say you are the looser. Ciao!
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So in other words, "I'm rubber you're glue?"


Methinks the SiSsy doth protest too much about SuSu.

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Sooooo. Pluto's not a planet anymore. What's up with that?
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The man needs a half dozen well-fitting Brooks Brothers shirts much more urgently than a custom suit. Wanting things you can't afford and have no use for is the source of the problem - ersatz MTM is pandering to that vice. 




Originally Posted by EzraPaul View Post

Check out this post from a couple of weeks ago.
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In my opinion, to wear your trousers on your natural waist is neither trendy nor a fashion statement; it's actually classic. Since the trend has delved so low on the hips, people sometimes incorrectly refer to the natural waist as "high rise".  The same analysis applies to lapels; they have become so narrow that the classic zone is sometimes incorrectly referred to as large, when it is in fact classic, timeless and thereby resistant to fashion trends.

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Why are y'all arguing over something that stems from a sex joke? I don't see the logic or need to argue. Suit supply is okay. We can all agree they have campaigns that are made for the average Miami beach clubber. It's obvious. They sell products that not only say "Hey, I /think/ I know how to dress." as well as "Hey, I'm available."

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I can speak to the poor quality of Suitsupply, especially their MTM. I actually used to work there for a short amount of time until I got a job at a Real Estate Office. What I found was that Suitsupply was more interested in looking like Suitsupply. At one point I ended up getting into trouble because I encouraged customers who came into the store to NOT taper their trousers skin-tight and hem them halfway up their calf (I'm exaggerating, of course). The other that I found incredible was the MTM specialist who had worked there for years actually left to work at a Bespoke outfit in the financial district and the guy who replaced him...was not the most competent. All of his clothes fit horrendously and I remember at one point I mentioned to him that I liked his suiting and asked who made it. He said "I did" not seeming to realize that I was referring to the fabric...

Well that's disappointing to hear. I was planning on trying their MTM. When did the MTM specialist leave? Was his name Bobby O.?
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