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I've been trying to find a sport coat and jacket and was about to pull the trigger on a SuitSupply sport coat. Unfortunately, numerous people have recommended me to not go for that brown one as it is a heavy fall/winter coat and I live in Phoenix. Suitsupply is out of the brown jackets I like from the summer collection in my size.


I went to see if a local tailor had any good RTW stuff (Brothers' Tailors on Central) but he recommended making me a jacket for about $800. I considered it, but am unsure if a good jacket can be made for that price, and despite the million 5 star Yelp reviews of his place, I'm not sure on the quality or if his aesthetic would fit me.


The only recommended tailor I found on here (Fakeri) is no longer in business. My alternative is a Suit Supply MTM.


My question is, which is a better bet, getting it tailored locally or Suitsupply MTM? If local, is there anyone capable of doing good MTM in Phoenix? (Note: even $800 is stretching my budget for this item considerably). Or just wait until Suit Supply rolls around to the summer collection?