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Originally Posted by LorenzL View Post

Interesting to see how this thread basically died. What are you guys buying these days - Black Lapel, Dragon Inside, InStitchu?

I was checking out this thread a couple of days ago and thought the same thing about it dying down. Besides those with odd body measurements or folks looking for extreme customizations I just have a difficult time getting on the Indochino bandwagon. There are plenty of suiting options out there and with a little tailoring you can pretty much get a great fitting suit. Again I speak only to those with "typical" body measurements which that in itself is a loose term.

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Indochino is no longer an indy outlet - no pun intended.  I've been them advertise on Facebook last year as I've seen suggest posts by them after I liked a couple of fashion related pages.  This part of the reason why the thread sorta died.

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Yeah, seems like the discussion just moved somewhere else - or maybe there is just not much left to discuss, the kind of buzz around Indochino seems to have died down. They are still growing tremendously, I think it's what ultramantaro said, the "indy" appeal is gone. Maybe also their customers now are not people that would discuss on Styleforum?
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Another major reason why this died down is because their prices went up to the point that we have many other options in the $500-$800 range, including at least half-canvassed construction, and savvy StyleForum dudes are choosing those other options.
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What do you think about my Indochino Suit?


The wrinkles under the collar look more worse than it actually is. Its a little too bit much fabric there.



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Ordered a suit and received it.


-Craftsmanship is a lot better than 4 years ago, I'm totally satisfied there.

-Fit according to my input measurements? NO, they edit in some weird way and add 4" here and there, so now it fits horrible. It's dumb of Indochino to do that, they're wasting their own profits on the remakes ppl will inevitably request.

-Shoulder padding is RIDICULOUS. Way too much.

-Armholes are LOW. Bottom of armhole hits at my nipple line, I can barely move my arms and it feels like my shoulders are being squished in by the suit.

-Pants are roomy across the seat in terms of width, but I can feel the U shape of the crotch line biting into my butt like womens sexy underwear or something... not pleasant!


Ugh, now gotta try to get a remake and do the whole month-long back and forth process a couple times...

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i read on this thread that dragon inside's system allows you to enter your measurement profile from your existing indochino measurements. how exactly is this don? i couldn't figure it out on their site. i was also wondering if the opposite could be done as in taking your dragon inside profile and using those numbers for indochino

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Remake on the way, but I checked the measurements page and noticed their tailors changed the remake adjustments I put in! That defeats the whole purpose of remake because I specifically compared and adjusted those dimensions...


i.e. I left my shoulder measurement unchanged, because it was absolutely FINE, and I have multiple well-fitting suits to compare to. Yet they randomly decided to -0.5" from it. They randomly subtracted 0.5" from the crotch measurement on the pants too. What are you trying to say buddy! :smarmy:


I don't know what the heck is going on but I will try it once it gets here...

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Take your own measurements carefully and plan to have it re-sized. 


I went to an Indochino fitting event and was measured for and then bought a Tuxedo from Indochino and it arrived way too small for me. When I took it to my tailor he opened up the lining and found that there wasn't enough fabric to let out the coat. The sleeves gave me frankenstein arms but because I opted for functional buttons they couldn't be lengthened. 


In all honesty Indochino was willing to make amends but I never got around to documenting the errors in time for a re-fund. 


Anyway, Tux for Sale if anyone wants it. 

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Received my fist Indochino suit yesterday and have to be honest I am not thrilled with it. But then again, this is my first custom suit and I don't know a damn thing about how they should fit, so I thought maybe I could get some help from all of you before I try and get a remake.


My thoughts, the pants fit pretty well though the length may need adjusting a bit.


The coat is where things really feel off to me. I'm a big guy and realistic. I do not expect a custom suit to make a 200lbs guy look like he's 150, but this thing seems to drape my torso like a tarp. There doesn't seem to be any shape at all, and tons of room in the torso. As you can see in one of the shots below, I estimated how much it could be taken in without looking like a sausage casing and the overlap is pretty big. For comparison's sake, I even threw in the second to last shot of a coat I have from years back that is straight off the rack, I don't love this one either but the fit on the body seems much better.


Also, I am not quite sure what to look for in the shoulders of sleeves though the former seems pretty off too.


Last thing, I didn't order functional button holes but I was surprised to see the way the buttons on the sleeve lay on top of one another. Is that normal?






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I'd say take it to a tailor and have them give you an honest appraisal of if the jacket can be taken in and if the sleeves can be fixed to drape right.  I think Indochino's style or pattern is really only for skinny stick-legged bastards. I'm 6'2" and 210lbs and they couldn't get my proportions right. 


Is Indochino still offering a tailor credit? I've heard that they will also offer credit for returns, so if the jacket can't be salvaged then maybe you could return it for a couple more pants if they fit well. 


As for the sleeve buttons apparently that's just a style thing, or so sez people more knowledgeable than I.

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Thanks a ton for the input. They are still offering the Tailoring credit with the option to remake if it exceeds the $75 allowance. We'll see what the tailor says. Hopefully their customer service is good!


Thanks for the heads up on the buttons.

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Guys who has IC's Essential Navy or Premium Navy suits ?

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Does anyone have pics of a suit done in the Vancouver shop or by one of the traveling tailors recently? I'm considering picking up a premium navy since suit supply doesn't offer much with a slim lapel.

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Hey, I'm new to styleforums and not so long ago got my first custom made suit from Indochino - Premium Navy 3 piece.


Overall I was happy with it, shoulder padding could have been a little less I guess but it's ok as I have naturally very wide shoulders. 


I went to one knowledgeable experienced tailor and he looked at it and it was almost perfect just that shoulder padding... All he could do was to press it a bit it would not be a permanent fix though. Overall he said it was a good buy I paid $749 - $100 discount for a Premium 3 piece suit. Tailor that I went to makes suits with a starting price $2000+.


I'm 29 yo 6'6 tall 245-250 lb athletic build and for me custom is the only way to go.



I will upload pictures later. 

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