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double vents won't fix the fact that it's waaay small through the seat - looks like that's why the single vent is pulling open

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So they hold my remake until I give further instructions. 

Good CS in my opinion. 


So dear sartorial experts, what can I do to change the fit besides those written above? 


I still have no clue how to make the pants look good. 



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Gentlemen, Indochino is coming to San Francisco next week with a temporary pop-up shop for their travelling tailors.

I have been reading the thread, and have seen many hits and misses. Any feedback on what the experience has been like when you use their tailors to take measurements? I'd suspect the odds of getting a better fit increase when they take the measurements and you can speak directly with a tailor or rep. What do you think?

Any other landmines to avoid? Thanks in advance...

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Hey Dr. Bio. Nice avatar. Was that suit the first one or a remake?
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Thanks. It is the first one.

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Hey guys, my first Indochino suit, the Essential Black, just arrived!

At first glance I was pretty happy with what I was seeing.  The fabric seems nice, given that it's relatively cheap, although I'm pretty new to the whole thing and haven't held or seen up close a $1000+ suit...

The shirt I got seems pretty nice too, a good fit, though a tiny bit loose in the sleeves and lower back, it seems comfortable.

After trying the suit on, I was reasonably impressed with the results.  I've never worn anything custom tailored before, so obviously there was already an improvement.  The pants seem like a nice fit, though a bit snug.  I'm probably just caught off guard by something that's different than the standard sized OTR pants, but the rear/crotch area seems a bit... form fitting.  And the knees seem to be cutting it close.  They look quite good though.


Now, the jacket.  It feels nice to wear.  It seems like it's maybe a little long, and the shoulders are about ¾" too big on each side(maybe 1", but I don't want to overdo it).

The sleeves seem like the perfect length for me, which is nice.  I like the position of the buttons, probably because I've only had 3 button jackets before.  I think you guys will say they're too high, but I don't like too big/low/wide of a chest opening.  Strangely, the lapels seem like they're slim, though I ordered regular.  I can't tell if it's a negative though because they look nice I think.

I think the back and chest are a little too big, but I can't really tell if it's just one or the other or both.  The waist can maybe come in a hair, probably more importantly if the chest is going in, though I don't know if it should be too tight.

So, here are a few pictures.  Sorry for the terrible quality, I had the worst lighting here.




So, it's still quite wrinkled, just out of the box, but it definitely seems to have that sleeve pitch problem mentioned earlier.  And like I said before the shoulders could come in about ¾ of an inch on each side.  Maybe more?  I don't want them to be super small though.

Not sure if the upper back weirdness is because of how wrinkled it is, or because the back is too big... probably both?

Pants look like they could maybe be ½"-1" shorter, and the jacket seems like it should be about an inch shorter.

And just for reference, I'm about 6'1".


I'd love to hear what you all think and suggest! 

For the remake, does it have to be sent in within 14 days, or just requested by then?  It arrived today, do I need to ship it by the 27th?


Also... I'm vaguely familiar with pockets being sewn shut, but I assumed it would be loose stitching, though it seems to be very tight stitching like on the rest of the suit, what do I do to make the pockets usable?

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Indochino is coming to San Francisco.  For those of you attended the Chicago event, is it worthwhile for me to go to get a feel of all the suit and shirt fabrics?  Do they have a large selection available for inspection?



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In the spirit of sharing, here is my remake request.



Jacket/Shirt Length 27.75″ Edit
Chest Size 40.5″ -1.5″
Stomach Size 36.5″ -1″
Jacket Hips 38.75″ -1″
Shoulder Size 17.25″ -1″
Sleeve Length 23.25″ -0.5″
Bicep Size 14.5″ -1″
Wrist Size 10.75″ Edit


Pants Length 39″ -0.5″
Waist 32.5″ -0.5″
Crotch 24″ Edit
Pants Hips 38″ -0.5″
Thigh Size 24.25″ Edit
Knee Size 17″ Edit


Shirt Neck 15″ -0.75″
Jacket/Shirt Length 28.25″ -0.75″
Chest Size 40.75″ -0.25″
Stomach Size 36.5″ -0.5″
Jacket Hips 38.75″ -0.5″
Shoulder Size 17.25″ -1″
Sleeve Length 23.75″ -0.25″
Bicep Size 14.5″ -1.5″
Wrist Size 8.75″ Edit


My wife measured me following the video exactly.

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Originally Posted by DevonM View Post

Hey guys, my first Indochino suit, the Essential Black, just arrived!

Jacket length is fine. As you said there is a sleeve pitch issue. The upper back wrinkling could be due to excess material but is fairly easily fixed. Shoulders are a tad wide but apart from that it's not bad at all.
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I have an Indochino coupon with value $77.75. I'd be willing to sell it for $60. PM me if you're interested.
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OK guys here is some better photos of my essential gray indochino suit. I think the suit is fine but would like to get others opinions. The pant length needs to shorten and the waist is too roomy. My 34 waist belt is too short for the pants. No hand in pocket this time ;)












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Does any one know where I can find Alfani Red suit measurements/dimensions? I would like to compare my Indochino measurements to Alfani's. 

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Really, after 172 pages of poorly fitting suits, why does anyone continue to buy Indochino? As far as I can tell, most of you are better off with Men's Wearhouse. And I don't say that lightly.
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The majority are bad however a few are actually quite good. It's more a fault of bad measurements than anything else IMO.

Maybe we should all start buying ill-fitting sack suits to gain your approval?
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Originally Posted by luftvier View Post

Really, after 172 pages of poorly fitting suits, why does anyone continue to buy Indochino? As far as I can tell, most of you are better off with Men's Wearhouse. And I don't say that lightly.


A lot of the suits look pretty decent after the remakes.  Certainly better than most OTRs, especially from a place like MW.  On a forum where pictures of bespoke suits are thrown around routinely, it's easy to lose perspective on how the peasants live and dress.


If you want an example of what happens when the average American heads to MW, go check out the "new American wedding suit" thread.

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