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Originally Posted by chadhunt View Post

Here are some new (hopefully better) pics.  Do you think decreasing the shoulders will get rid of that puckering effect.  Also, what do you suggest around my rear.  It should not be pulling there, right?IMG_1380.JPGIMG_1381.JPGIMG_1382.JPGIMG_1383.JPGIMG_1384.JPG

it's too small in the waist and shoulders.
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yes, funny - in the first set the shoulders looked actually too wide to me... The jacket should definitely be longer.
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It is small in the shoulders, but that might not completely fix the upper back. You may need to let some fabric out, even on a remake (very common and easy alteration). If there is a square shoulders option and you are not using it, use it and it will also help.
agree, it is a bit small in the waist.
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Basic black Indochino suit after three remakes.  Thoughts?


Indo suit front.JPG

Indo suit back.JPG

Indo suit side.JPG

Indo suit side2.JPG

Indo shirt.JPG

Indo shirt back.JPG

Indo shirt side.JPG

Indo shirt side2.JPG

The shirt also from Indochino.  Feel free to critique that as well.

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Hi, I need a quick suggestion how my essential charcoal suit could be tweaked. Obivously the pants are way too wide, but what about the jacket? Should the shoulders be wider/tighter, chest tighter, stomach wider, jacket length shorter? And if so, how much? I have no clue... I know the way I stand on the photos isn't optimal. Left shirt cuff wasn't buttoned, that's why it hangs out. But I think you get the impression... Thanks a lot!



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Shoulder looks kind of off. Shirt fits fine imo.
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@ vulcan: the shoulders are still too wide; I would say the same for the shirt.
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Vulcan – I think you measured too far down your shoulder. See how it dimples under the seam? To me that means the fabric is hanging over where your arms come out.

Durban – the jacket doesn’t cover your butt, which is what a lot of people use as a traditional measuring point. If you want a younger/hipster look then it’s fine. I agree to taper the leg more. Is it too big at the waist? Looks like the whole thigh area is too big.
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I love the internet and believe eventually we'll be able to acquire damn near anything using it. Figured I would continue my exploration and ordered a MTM suit online. Would like some feedback on the jacket fit, the pants aren't great, but Indochino have already acknowledged that it needs a remake. I can't figure out what to do about the jacket. I know the bulge/wrinkles on the lower back is caused my by squatter's ass, is there anything to be done about it? Can an average tailor correct it? I look fat in the suit, but I'm not, anything to be done about that? I tried pulling it tighter at the waist, but I found my movement restricted.


I keep wanting to scream 'Hammer-Time", when I look at those pants! I know the pants look huge, but I can't sit in them without fear of the thighs splitting.


For me the greatest asset of any company is how they treat their customers after the sale, so far Indochino has been top notch. In reading the thread, it seems to me that the biggest problem with the suits (besides the fit issues) is that customers have an unrealistic expectation of what they can expect. I don't believe there that at least using current technology, i.e untrained people making measurements and sending them in, will result in a perfect fit the first time out ( I know there have been a few, but they are the exception). However I feel that if the customer goes into the process understanding the limitations of the process, they can achieve an acceptable if not perfect product.


I think the process needs to simplified so that the average person can easily convey what changes need to be made. Despite having to redo the suit, I am enjoying the process and look forward to a favourable result...if possible.


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Thanks for the comments. So its pretty much agreed then that the shoulder should be taken in, but by how much? 1/2 inch?
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vulcan -

Shoulders def too big. What's your height and what are the shoulder measurements you've given IC? The jacket looks ok other than that. After three remakes how did you still end up with those way too big shoulders?
Pants look too wide in the thighs and maybe hips.

durban -

Waist is a bit too small that's why it causes all the wrinkling at the low back. Jacket hips might be a touch small. Jacket length a touch short. The shoulders look good where they meet the sleeves but something across the upper back is too tight cause the lines.

Pant hips too wide and length a bit long I think.
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I'm 5'2 with a stocky build.  Shoulder measurement was 16.75". The pants I'm wearing is actually the 2nd remake.  I thought the same thing about the pants and took in the hips and legs by 1/2".  However I found this to be too restrictive, especially when sitting down.  It may just be my thick legs, but it seems to look ok when I'm moving around.

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The jacket is way too short, it needs to be at least an inch longer, probably closer to two inches. At the moment it just emphasises how stocky you are by making your torso look almost as wide as it is long.
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I'm assuming that was directed at me. Here's a quick retouch and I see what you mean. Can I assume that the lowered button stance would reduce the space between my torso and the jacket, so it doesn't look like i have a gut? Secondly, what about the wrinkles in the lower back? Would increasing the waist, free up the fabric so it flows better?


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