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Lord R Colton ties

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Does anyone have any experience with these ties? Are they good quality?
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Those ties are the bomb!! I purchased quite a few of them before the owner sold it to someone else. I went totally bonkers because he was selling them for like $50 a piece so I bought quite a few. They were a great find and I saved a lot of money compared to buying some at a fancy department store.


I get tons of compliments on the ties!  I have other ties that I have spent more money on and they don't come even close to the quality of the lord r colton masterworks ties.  They are super thick and work best for short people like myself since the length will be short once the knot is made. I am a little disappointed in the recent designs. They definitely lack in the flair of the ones I bought just a year ago in the summer to about November.  I did have some that had not grown on me at the time and now I am totally regretting giving them away!  Stupid of me!  Good luck in your hunt for a great lord r colton masterworks tie.  They are fantastic in my honest opinion!  


These are some of the ones I bought.  My most recent purchase was the polka dot on the left.  Awesome!!!





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And before I forget.  Don't buy lord r colton from amazon.  The original seller never closed his account on there.  I thought I had for sure found the tie that I had given away which was a blue english dover paisley tie.  I was so bummed to find out from the new owner of barimenswear on ebay that the account was no longer valid.  FYI.

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