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Vilebrequin - French luxury swim trunks that suck

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Hi everyone,

I bought two pairs of Vilebrequin this summer, but it was a very disappointing and frustrating disaster. I wonder if someone has a bit of opinion how to fix my problem.

I bought two pairs of swim trunks online, which both stated they were made in Polyamide, but then the more expensive one actually proved to be Polyester. I tried to get a clarification from Vilebrequin, but they actually ignored my mails. I had to send at least 5-6 emails with a very aggressive tone for them to respond to me. Now, I am very upset, disappointed and frustrated by:
1) they basically lie about their products. Their websites states all products are made in Polyamide, but then some of them come out as Polyester. Polyester looks freakin' cheap and feels cheap, it's shiny and looks like you are wearing plastic shorts (which you are...sort of...). I think I would have been fine, but then
2) I am very shocked by their arrogant attitude. In the end they offered a refund, but I wanted to get more information. Again, emails get ignored by these dudes.

I have never had this kind of customer experience and am wondering what other people think of it. They don't even have a phone-number where you can get more info, nothing. Just some arrogant pr***s.

I don't think they are a luxury brand, it's a mass production company with a serious attitude problem. They even mislead and lie to their customers.

Appreciate your feedback.
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couldn't you just return the items if you weren't satisfied?
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what kind of feedback are you expecting? 

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Agree that lying about what they are made of is not cool.


But question - did you notice the difference in wearing them? Did they actually look like a cheap pair before you thought about what they were made of? I don't care if a lining in a suit is bemberg or not, as some of the viscose I think are still good, so I ask with that as a mindset.

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well, i was really looking forward to it, because i liked the design. i am frustrated and disappointed, because they didn't give ANY feedback for ten days, and then the feedback i got was: "ok, we will get back to you, oh we couldn't reach you, yes, there are some differences"....i think if you pay over 300 euros for two pairs of any luxury item, you should be able to get at least an average customer service and not this bs.

and yes, i did notice the difference, because the polyester ones were shiny and looked like swim shorts you would buy at a supermarket. that's how the conversation started: i asked if both are the same material, and they responded in very shady way by saying "one of them could be more matte", but they didn't want to specify which one. that's why i compared the product-info the website-info. i also checked with my friend who first showed me the brand and his were indeed polyamide. so it seems they have decided to fool customers with cheaper material AND they are lying about the material.

i mean seriously, don't you think this really sucks? 180 euros for a pair of swim trunks and then this s**t? i am usually not a very aggressive customer, but now i am really thinking about filing a complaint to the consumer protection agency.
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Makes sense, I get it. 


Not surprised by the customer service - 'luxury' brands don't usually do this. Google e-comm brands like Warby Parker would be all over this though. They get it and have teams for it.


It's a lot of coin for a swimsuit - I've never paid that much for one. If I did, I too would be super pissed if it wasn't any better and I felt like I didn't get my money's worth.


Orelbar Brown I'm still going to give a try, sometime. Vilebrequin is off the list.

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I get the feeling they don't have a proper CS team or process. If they want to sell online, they better get used to it. I don't think it's luxury brand anymore. What a shitty brand

I also thought about Orlebar Brown, but the VB designs were just better.....well.....Maybe I should not have listened to my friend who pushed me to get them.
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In my experience a lot of luxury brands are old school, have sh*t customer service and are used to being wholesale only. 


Lived, learned. 


Glad I heard it from you though. Just saved myself 400 euros!

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admittedly, i have never bought a luxury item online and will never do it again. that is to say.....Vilebrequin is not a luxury brand in my eyes, just a mass production rip-off. Do yourself a favour and buy something else, offline if possible

but what do you think of their CS attitude?
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Yeah i almost never buy "luxury". I mostly buy suits but stay away from off the rack brands. I like custom where I can talk to people and know I'm not getting overcharged. 


I think their CS stinks, but I'm not surprised. To say it in a somewhat pretentious way, I think it is "not uncommon" for these type of brands. Pretty sure if I sent an email to Ballys complaining about their product they weren't give a hoot.

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i am 100% with you, i also don't buy "luxury" (except for polo/lacoste shirts!) and usually have stuff tailored for me. still, i would not expect Bally/Prada/Polo to be this arrogant and/or messed-up. I think compared to Vilebrequin these companies would understand that brand-experience is more than just a pic on instagram. seriously, i keep saying it, but Vilebrequin is a bad brand....
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or maybe we should open another thread where people can let out their worst brand experience or so? or maybe worst vs. best, that would be interesting.....
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Swim trunks aren't a piece of craftsmanship. Buy what you like at a price you're comfortable paying and don't look back. FWIW, if you insist on buying expensive labels associated with the Riviera, Façonnable have a number of models in cotton.

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Originally Posted by gumbolo View Post

or maybe we should open another thread where people can let out their worst brand experience or so? or maybe worst vs. best, that would be interesting.....

Good idea. What else is an internet forum for if not complaints??!?!?

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yeah...welll, in hindsight you know more, right? have you seen one of their shops, though? they really have fantastic and also funny designs and made it sound like they were "specially made". now i know they really are, made out of polyester!
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