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Axel Arigato Sneakers

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I am thinking of purchasing a pair of clean sneakers, I found this brand and I have to say they look really awesome.

Does someone have experience with them? Quality etc..

Also, what's your thoughts about the shoes?

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I have never heard of this brand till today. Looks really similar to superga?

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Feels much more premium than Superga imo

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probably in between superga and common projects. no clue on the quality

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anyone know when this brand launched and who is behind it? they already have a flagship store in central London! the leathers look awesome, although would like to check them out in person in a couple of weeks time. looks like the first brand that will really give CPs a run for their money!
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I picked up a pair of these a couple of months ago and they are great. Purchased a pair of Common Projects before but didn't like them nearly as much as I hoped. These look just as good as CPs and the quality and leather both seem on par (and a couple hundred less). They come with great packaging and made me a fan.
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I hate to say this but I found these sneakers were very much let down by their inner-sole / footbed. I agree the leathers are on par with CPs but I found the innersole hard and uncomfortable - this issue wouldn't take much to address and I'll def. have a look at the brand again to see if they improve this one weakness of the design. The packaging is pretty terrible IMO as is the branding.
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Really need their all white clean 90's to get back in stock.

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