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Didn't find much info here but Amazon had solid reviews so I bought these last week when Sears were blowing out the stock at $89+shipping


Have worn these straight for 5 days to work and in my experience, these boots are worth every penny for the price I paid for it.


The horween leather is good quality and takes a good shine (however , slightly thinner than my abused/worn but still going strong Iron Rangers). Distinct Alden Indy resemblance. Stitching is even and well done (I've had issues even with AE when it comes to stitching so kudus to Woolrich for doing it right). Chrome h/w.


Amazon reviews are pretty much spot on. Boots virtually require ZERO break-in unlike boots I've owned from AE, RW.


Only thing is the tongue is not gusseted to quarters unlike my Iron Rangers but so far, with thick socks, it's not an issue. Woolrich did a lot of things right with these boots...the waxed laces are excellent and correct length (my RW had long floppy AE Dalton had cheap thin short laces).


Apparently, Woolrich makes these with sheepskin lined and unlined..I received the unlined ones. For 5 days, the boots have held up very nicely smudges or scuffs on the horween leather yet. I simply brush it after end of day everyday. And no creasing either so far.


Though these do run large. For comparison, my Iron Rangers are size 9 and these are 8.5 and the length is approx the same.


I highly recommend these (given the price point). On the same note, even if I paid $200 for these, I would be totally satisfied.


For reference, Amazon link here.