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$250 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Price Drops: Shell Cordovan Alden, Carmina, Engineer Boots, Trickers. Whiskey, color #8, indy boots and others.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

It's clearing day for me. The following boots and shoes are all for sale, most because I bought them when I was sizing shoes poorly, and now size my shoes correctly. Offers are accepted, please be reasonable. I'm looking to sell everything, but I'm not in a hurry. Gallery has a picture of each, and each item has an imgur post to the details.

Prices include shipping within the United States, USPS priority. International shipping is available, but be aware that it's generally about $50-60.

Needles and Role Club #8 Shell Cordovan Engineer Boots 9Japan, 10D US

Used. These have only been very lightly worn (maybe 4 or 5 wears total). The shell was never pristine, even when purchased new, so expect shell blemishes. I've tried to accurately capture how they look in the photos. They were promptly sent to Brian the Bootmaker and converted to a handwelt with his signature Role Club halfsoles. $1350$1000 Imgur

Tricker's Whiskey Shell Cordovan PTB 10.5UK

Worn twice. These were bought new, worn twice and I decided they were too large for me. No pictures yet, but I'll get some soon. $600 $475

Alden #8 Shell Cordovan LWB on Antique 10 E

Used. Barrie last. These were for The Bureau Belfast. $475 $425 Imgur

Allen Edmonds Natural Shell Cordovan Shortwing Cambridge 9.5 EEE

Used. These are from the old AE MTO program. The Cambridge is basically the McAllister in shell. They have a beautiful golden shade, but do note they are used. The soles are showing a bit of wear on the sides. $300 $250 Imgur

Alden White Suede LHS 10.5D

New. Unlined, on the Van last, with flex sole. $425 $350 Imgur

All sales final.

Sold Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Wingtip Boots Commando Soles 10 E Used. These were for 14oz Berlin and are on the 379X last (fits similar to TruBalance/Barrie/Modified. All eyelets design. These are beautiful, extremely special boots. Note that on the sole the threads have worn through in a few places. $800 Imgur

Sold Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell Cordovan Wingtips 9.5C Very Used. These are extremely *As Is*. Appear to have had a half-resole at some point. $100 or whatever really Imgur

Sold Allen Edmonds #8 Shell Cordovan LWB McNeil 9.5 EEE Used. These don't currently have laces, because I poached them for another pair of shoes. I only wore these a few times. $250 Imgur

Sold Allen Edmonds Brown Shell Cordovan Neumoks Shortwings 9.5 EEE Used. These are also from the old AE MTO program. They are completely unlined and have a shell cordovan foot pad in them as well. These are one of only 2 pairs of completely unlined shell cordovan wingtip shoes I know of, and I commissioned both of them. $300 Imgur

Sold Carmina Brown Calfskin Jodhpur Boots 10 Used. On the Forest last, with the York sole. $250 Imgur

Sold Carmina Saddle Shell Cordovan Full Brogue Wingtip Boots 10 Forrest New in box. These were a GYW custom makeup, in a full brogue style (as opposed to the regularly available semi-brogue). Saddle shell is basically natural shell cordovan, much much lighter than their cognac. $850 $750 Imgur

Sold Alden #8 Shell Cordovan Indy Boot on Antique Commando Soles 10 E. Used. Trubalance last. These were for J Gilbert, bought in December. $500 $450 Imgur
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