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Just a quick note to thank @Jeeves for the beautiful Rabbit Lined Navy Deerskin Gloves received in the post this morning!

If anyone was hesitating ... please don't they are stunning !



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Happy to see you received your gloves! They will certainly help in those cold Switzerland mornings!
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2 days left to join our group order for the Byron boot:

- Hand welted high boot by Vass
- Mahogany English Grain
- 270 degree Goyser stitch
- Original Dainite sole
- 650 USD excl. VAT

All options can be customized to individual request (the last, Goyser, no Goyser, type of sole, edge coloring, etc.)

Included in this GMTO is:

- Vass lasted shoe trees
- Vass box and shoe bags
- Worldwide shipping
- Saphir wax

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Hand linked toes, how could we ever live without. Read all about in on our blog:


Final day to enjoy a 10% off when you purchase 3 or more pair of Bresciani socks. Pure wool, cotton or cashmere/wool. Free shipping in Europe, and free shipping worldwide from 150 EUR.

More blog posts coming, about the history of grenadine silk, edge setting the leather soles by Vass, and the truth about hand welted shoes (and nothing but the truth).
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The Byron boot GMTO is a go! Thank you to all who have joined, looking forward to the finished boots myself!

There is still some of the leather left, thinking what we should do with it!
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TL;DR: All Jeeves ties 15% off with coupon code Handmadeties, free shipping within EU!


The workshop where our ties are made is one of the oldest in the world, and is situated in the North of Italy. It is small and difficult to find form the outside, but on the inside artisans work vigorously on some of the best ties in the world. They produce for some of the largest brands in the Italy, France and England, and for Jeeves.

Jeeves ties are made with the classic 3-fold construction, and are lined with a pure wool/cotton lining. We believe that the classic construction still provides the best result, and find that the pattern and texture of the fabric is what makes a tie stand out, more than an overly complicated construction. Every tie is hand closed with what is called a slip-stitch, a stitch that leaves some extra thread at both sides, to give it more flexibility. This ensures that the tie always hangs straight, and that it returns to its original form when untied.

Jeeves offers a selection of ties focused around texture. We have ties made from Grenadine silk (an open weave with a beautiful texture), from pure Shetland wool, Irish Poplin, Woven silk and of course the classic printed silk.

All ties are priced at 95 EUR (incl. 21% VAT). They are delivered in an elegant packaging made form recycled greyboard or fibreboard. It is a very strong packaging, even ideal to travel with. All items are shipped free within the EU, and all items are shipped free worldwide from a minimum order value of 150 EUR.

For this week only, we over a promotion code that gives a 15% discount on every tie purchased. The promotion runs until Wednesday October 26th at midnight.

The code is: Handmadeties

Link to the site:
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A small selection of your ties:

The navy grenadine silk with white woven dots:

The Grenadine striped pure Wool tie in Brown:

An Irish Poplin block stripe tie in brown and khaki:

Grenadine striped pure Shetland Wool tie in navy:

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We have added some new products to our online store: Saphir Medaille d'Or Shoe Wax (Bordeaux, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Navy and Black) and Renovateur, products that you all will surely know!

On a somewhat related note: all Vass RTW shoes come with Saphir wax.

Free shipping in Europe, and free worldwide shipping on all ordes over 150 EUR.


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Some great MTO projects we are working out with a client of ours from two very special leathers:

Navy Tolso Grain

Black English Grain:

Feel free to contact us with your plans for any special MTO projects. In the meantime, we are working on a GMTO for a bordeax burnishable leather, which we will announce soon!
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Only 3 more days until this Vass Valway GMTO closes:

Vass Valway model
Anilveau 9231 Calf and Inca Grain 6120
Price: 700 USD including shipping to EU and US (worldwide shipping is extra)
All other details can be customized:

Interest count: 4 members
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Today is the final day for your GMTO (link:

We have reached 6 people for the Valway, 2 for the French Oxford, and will place the leather order from our Italian tannery this week.

If anyone is interested in a single MTO from one of the following leathers, send me a PM and I'll see what we can do smile.gif!

1. Inca Grain: a soft grain leather made on the best calf sides.

2. Alpine Grain: a tighter grain than Inca, made on the best calf sides.

3. Genuine Buffalo calf, very soft, great grain! A leather with a very deep lustre!

4. Tumbled Calf Sides. Especially no. 3 - 4 - 5 and 9 - 10 are stunning.

5. Anilveau Calf icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif with colors such as Toucan, Meleze, Bolet and 'no.22'

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Damn missed that F last chukka. Went for a song.
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We will be in Budapest again in a couple of weeks, if we need to keep an eye out for something special for members on here, or if anyone has questions for the workshop / Mr. Vass, don't hesitate to contact us. Will post pics of the workshop once we're back!
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