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Jeeves - Vass shoes and elegant menswear accessories - Official Affiliate Thread.

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Shop online at:

Hi all!

Allow me to introduce Jeeves, an online store set up to be a bit different than most.

My name is Tom, I have been a member on Styleforum for a few years, and some members might know me under my forum name. Like many here, I have a passion for all things beautifully made, and in particular shoes and accessories. I learned a lot about leather, fabrics and construction methods by reading and listening to other members. As some of you will know, I also have a close relationship with the people at Vass and they have taught me more than I ever could on my own, and I’m very grateful for that. During the past 8 months, I put all my effort into creating my own online store. I did this together with my partner, who helped me with great advise and ideas. She will handle certain aspects of the business, mainly product photography and social media, but product creation and day-to-day operations will be just me.

From the start, we wanted to create classic, timeless products. We went to numerous trade shows; leather fairs, and talked to a lot of people, until we came into contact with exactly the right persons for each product. I have personally visited every one of our suppliers, and chose to work only with small factories, usually family run, that shared our idea.

That idea, in sum, was to design products from the ground up, spending careful attention to every detail, and to use only the best materials that we could find. These materials are then combined with the excellent craftsmanship of our artisans, where we made sure that each of the craftsmen was able to ‘fill in the blanks’. That way, we try to honour what they believe would look good as well, instead of listening to what fashion dictates.

The affiliate thread is meant to interact with the Styleforum community. We are always open to new ideas, and want to encourage new product design. We also gladly offer help with sizing, and general questions.

You can expect to see a lot of new materials, new leathers, and new product ideas for many of the products we sell. We have a deep affiliation with Vass, but would also like to promote our range of leather belts and gloves, designed by us. Besides this, we will also sell over the calf, natural fibre socks, and hand made ties from Italy.

Please have a look at, or follow us on:

Online store:

We have experience with shipping worldwide, and can manage custom orders for all of our products, but ask to bear with us while we will inevitably experience the pitfalls of an online store. We also offer complimentary worldwide shipping from 150 EURO, and no VAT outside the EU.

To see the Styleforum discount code, click here:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

It's almost midnight here in Belgium, but I couldn't leave you without some extra sneak peeks to some of our products for the upcoming FW16 collection:

Table cut Whiskey Peccary gloves, unlined, with quirks installed.

Lined and raised Kudu leather belt, full grain leather lining, cast solid buckles hand stitched to the belt. Kudu leather, to match your shoes, if you catch our drift....

Ancient madder printed silk tie, in a deep navy with red flowers.

A sneak peek into the workshop of Vass:

The Jeeves Byron boot, named after Lord George Byron. Developed by us from soft pebble grain, and made by Vass. The leather is treated with a mixture of wax and Neatsfoot oil, soles are Dainite rubber with 270 degree Gosyer stitching. These boots will take you anywhere.

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Best of luck Tom in your new endeavor.
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well done Tom! and good luck.
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Those pebble grain boots look a treat.

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These Byron boots are very enticing indeed.

Congratulations and good luck to you, Tom, to your partner and to Jeeves!
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Great job, Tom @notch. Much success on your new venture.
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Congratulations Tom! A great person to work with and top-notch products as usual!
Looking forwards to future business from your online store..

P.S. I've received my Vass shoes today. Thanks for the superfast and prompt shipping.
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Thank you all for the kind words!

The Byron boots are one of the key items of our store. The leather is very supple for a pebble grain calf, especially around the ankle. Thanks to the conditioning of the leather, the Goyser stitching and the rubber sole, the boots will keep up in most conditions!


Happy to know you received the shoes! I look forward to hearing from you in the future!
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Another sneak peek to one of the RTW models:

A modified Italian Oxford (no heel counter), in medium brown suede. Double tapering to single leather sole and rubber tips.

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Good evening everyone!

Exciting news, our online store just went live icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

We kindly invite you to have a look here:

There you will find our FW16 collection of handmade footwear by Vass, table cut gloves, handmade ties, lined and raised leather belts and Bresciani socks. Feel free to browse the site! Our blog will open next week, but in the meantime we invite you to read up on our artisans in the dedicated page.

Starting next week, we hope to get the ball rolling on a group made to order for Vass. We have sourced some great suppliers of French and Italian calf leathers, to fill the gaps in their current offer. We also welcome all forum members to share their ideas with us!

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Originally Posted by Notch View Post

We have sourced some great suppliers of French and Italian calf leathers, to fill the gaps in their current offer. 


Congrats on the new venture! Any chance you'll be sourcing willow calf?

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Good luck on the new venture Tom! Out of curiosity for us wide (or even narrow) footed gents, are we able to order wider widths from what you stock in store or would this require a MTO and additional fee?
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Congrats Tom, I got pretty stellar service from you on my last pair of whiskey cordovan.

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Congrats! Does Vass make a wholecut Chelsea boot?
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Congrats Tom! I look forward to placing another order with you.

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