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tie tuck help

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I was looking for ideas what to wear to a beach formal wedding and I ran into images of people wearing their ties tucked in. I love the look and with the wind being out I think it would be a great look (as well as useful) but I'm not a progressive fashionista type. I just want to know whether it should only be done when eating/working/activities etc. or is widely accepted as a fashion statement. I know military used to do it at some point. I just want to get ideas tips on doing a tie tuck for my friends beach formal wedding. I'm almost sure I will be the only one doing it I just want to make sure its socially acceptable and I don't look like stupid tucking it in. Thanks!


Also I decided to go with navy blue pants with this shirt



any idea what kind of color/design skinny tie and colored suspenders would pair will with this? Thanks again!

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The tie tuck thing is one of those looks which tends to look much better in carefully posed photos of models, than in real life.
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Thanks! I was playing around with the look and it can easily look like a mess by a lot of movement. Might opt to go with just the latter and keep the tie out.

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Shirts are made from a flat hem which can be worn in both the ways tucked as well as untucked. But if your shirt with visible tails then make sure it is tucked properly to offer you sharper and a proper look. Further speaking of the tie, like it or not but a tie always goes well with a tucked shirt.
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