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For Sale:
FS/FT NWT 40R (40S?) Sartoria Cantarelli check sport coat

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Online purchase that I'm way too tall for. Think Thom Browne on me....But alas, my poor fit is someone else's brilliant fit.

Up for grabs is a brand new Sartoria Cantarelli sport coat. This is Cantarelli's top line, and it shows. If this covered even 45% of my bum, I'd genuinely consider keeping it. Construction is absolutely killer.

Cloth is a really interesting blend that is lightweight without being summer only. I'd say that it works from spring through early winter. And since it's quarter lined, it will work throughout the seasons. Not sure if it's showing up in the pictures, but there is a subtle light blue overcheck.

Virgin wool - 50%
Silk - 30%
Linen - 20%


Shoulder: 18"
P2P: 20"
Waist: 20"
BOC: 29"
Sleeve: 25" with 1" to let

Additional photos
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Very open to trades as well, so please PM me.
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