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Organizer or Planner suggestions?

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Want to find a planner or organizer to track my appointments, one with rings so I can refill for each new year's calendar.

Ideal is to find something of good quality that will last me several years.
A pre-owned organizer like Smythson's Bond Street collection ( or earlier lines are probably outside my budget (approx US$150).

Anyone have suggestions of other good-quality brands that are similar in style (simple, not pretentious) that I may want to search for on eBay etc.?

Thanks for the suggestions. Feel welcome to send a PM.
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Cant help you on any brands for a new Filofax but was curious as to why you want to use a paper solution -v- a digital solution like an iPhone/ Blackberry etc?


Being of an age of having to use both digital wins hands down on every level and the first time you lose a paper based file, or even just leave it at home/hotel room by mistake, you will quickly learn the same. With a digital solution you can use any computer in the world to log in and see your schedule/contacts etc even if you've forgotten/lost your device.


I do like writing things and so buck the trend a little in that I use a notepad and decent (fountain) pen for taking notes rather than a tablet or laptop but even then if there's anything important I jot down out of a meeting I will either transcribe it to my tablet or photograph the page to avoid issues.

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I do use my iPhone and its apps and web-based stuff, and I have no plans to abandon them.
And I know what you mean about losing something that isn't saved in a cloud.
My plan isn't about replacing one solution with another.
Like you I also always have a notebook.
I'm thinking of a planner/organizer as more of an adjunct to what I already rely on.
It won't be all encompassing -- I'm hoping to use it to keep me alert only to the most pressing stuff.
Maybe the solution I need can be found in digital--and I appreciate your feedback in helping me come to consider that possibility.
It's just that as I've experienced it (maybe this is a neural thing), my mind doesn't experience/record (e.g.) my typing a bold underlined all-caps text into an iPhone note in the same way as when I write that all out by hand.
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