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Today I bought a Charles le Golf silk tie in a thrift store. It's quite nice. I haven't heard of the brand before. It seems like it only retails in France.


The le Golf website isn't very user friendly, and many products are sold out, but some of them look very good. In shirts and sports coats I see some colours, styles, and fabrics very much like the ones from more expensive competitors. And to my untrained eye it seems like they at least have some styling going on in shoulder areas. Sloping, narrow – is this a French thing?


Does anyone here have experience with the brand – quality, feel, fit, manufacturing etc? 



Please note: All the items shown below are sold out in le Golf's web store.



Boggi has one almost exactly like this (but the lapel notch sits way too high as shown here):

Classy-looking overcoat, too:

Nice fabric choice here:



The white shirt says 'handmade quality'. But is it good?