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I'm a long time "trolller" of this site as I have found a lot of useful information.  I am NO fashionista, but do like to dress well (to my standard, whatever that is) and I do like a good pair of shoes.


I recently purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Strands in walnut.  I have yet to wear them.  I bought them for $259 at the Nordstom sale.  A good price, but not not uncommon at that price on sale.  Since purchasing the Strands, I ran into a great price on the now discontinued Rouge in walnut ($179) and Chili ($199).  Both are firsts from the AE store.


I have several good quality shoes in black, brown and oxblood.  Walnut and Chili would be new to my rotation. I wear suits a few times a month (navy and charcoal), but primarily I wear a blazer with slacks or jeans for work/business.


I realize the Strand oxford is a more formal than the Rogue blucher. Here's my dilemma. (First world problems).


I'm pretty sure I'll keep the Rogue in chili as I don't have any other shoes that color.  However, are the Strand and Rogue in walnut too similar/redundant or is there enough difference in terms of what I can wear both shoes in Walnut to warrant keeping both?.


I'd love to hear your opinions on which shoes to keep (maybe keep them all?) and how/when you'd wear each of these shoes. Thank you!