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For Sale:
Alden Shell Cordovan Lot - Cigar, Whiskey and #8 - 9.5D (US)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought a bunch of Alden Shell Cordovan shoes, took care of them very well, and unfortunately only have two feet so they just sit around not getting used.  I am mostly just looking to get rid of these so all shoes are being sold at what I think most would consider pretty compelling prices, all things considered.  All shoes come with trees and are size 9.5D on the Barrie last.


Whiskey LWBs - Wore these once and then put them on the shelf.  Immaculate condition.  - $800


Cigar LWBs - Wore these a few times and then put them on the shelf.  I did notice some subtle color variance on the vamp of these shoes which you can tell from the pics if you squint hard enough, but in my opinion it's not very noticeable.  Similarly in fantastic condition.  - $650  


Color 8 LWBs - These were a special makeup for Leffot and are the shoes I've had the longest.  They have relatively more wear (probably used them 10-15 times) but still in great condition. - $400


Color 8 Plain Toe Bluchers - These were a special makeup for Need Supply and are in great condition. - $400

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