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Quality Overcoat under $1250 (ideally)?

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I've been searching for an overcoat worth investing in for the last year or two and haven't been sold on anything just yet. I'm looking for a simple, no frills, single breasted overcoat in charcoal. I'd like to avoid too wide or too narrow of lapels in hopes of keeping it current for some time to come. My ideal fabric would be cashmere though I understand I likely wouldn't be able to touch that within my price range, so in all probability it will be a wool or wool/cashmere blend.


If I had to pick a front runner at this time, it'd be Kent Wang's though the lapels seem a little wide to me. Next up would be Acne's Charles overcoat though in this case the fit seems too loose and perhaps the lapels just a tad narrow. Another one that caught my eye was this Canali overcoat, the herringbone is a bit louder than I'd like and it's out of my price range but thought it could be helpful.


Is there any generally recommended overcoat / topcoat? I couldn't find much when I searched earlier. Any input or advice would be much appreciated!

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The Canali is probably the better looking thing but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a style of overcoat which may not be what shop keepers would like to sell you this week, it will be different to that they offer next week.

Everyone realises that a top coat does not get worn over much and it is sign of having bought a decent one that you should be wearing the same top coat in twenty years time.

Buy whatever you like now but don't equate top coats to suits or other items of apparel.
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Don't know about quality because I haven't tried it, but I think Suitsupply has Cashmere coats within your budget.

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the recommendations!

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The Acne one is meant for a more fashion forward look. The body is intentionally loose and oversized, and the lapels small to exaggerate the body. I like those kinds of coats, but they have to be worn with the right things to look good. I wouldn't pair it with more traditional clothes.

For a more traditional look, O'Connell's is a good bet. Canali is also nice. You can also just browse thrift stores. Overcoats hold up pretty well over time, so it's not hard to find a classic one in good condition.

If you want something less stuffy, No Man Walks Alone sells nice ones that ride the line between super traditional and overly fashion forward. There's usually something from Eidos or Camoshita there for guys who are interested in slightly more contemporary takes on classic clothes.
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I've bought several overcoats from Capnwes who is a member here. They may be ~50 years old, but they're in better condition than my BR ones, and I paid $50 on average each. Should also mention one of them is 100% cashmere.
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Second the idea of No Man Walks Alone. I just picked up an Eidos overcoat. As mentioned it does push the boundaries but I like that.
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Thanks again guys! Think I'll snatch something off eBay over the next month after checking it out based on your advice.


P.S. Dieworkwear, avid reader of your site. It was great to see your input on here!

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