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First off, thanks to @basil rathbone for heading the previous challenge, job well done


I was thinking I'd echo his introductory statement of "Creativity comes from constraint" and so for this challenge it's about colors used.



Click this if you don't think you can handle that (Click to show)
If you think it'll be impossible for you to put together an outfit you like following the above, ONE black article of clothing/footwear is allowed


At times there is a undeniable lack of colors in our WAYWT-thread, especially during the warmer months when it's obviously harder to layer all your cool shit.

However it's getting cooler now and people are starting to break out stuff other than tees and shorts, so for this challenge I want to dare you to not wear black.



1. Max 1 piece of black or grey clothing, but preferably none

2. White is allowed, so while black and grey as mentioned above are disencouraged, this is not a completely anti-monochrome challenge


That's more or less it, can't really think of anything else I'd need to clarify regarding rules, wear whatever you want as long as it's some color.


Some inspo (Click to show)







Feel free to add more inspiration pics of your own

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pants are dark blue

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Originally Posted by nevergreen View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
thrift uniqlo vans 

shoes closeup

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Xpost from WAYWT



Shorts are a deep gray color with slight blue hint, sandal straps are a dark navy


Another angle (Click to show)


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This challenge was hard for me since most of my pants are black or grey.
Nice contest theme, KoY.
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Black shoes... confused.gif
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Japan Blue
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Close up/top down shows colours better.
Also made me realise how few colours I have.

OAMC (navy)
Qlo (beige)
Geller (blue)
Nike (black/multi)

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Late summer blooms
Journal Standard
Old Town
Bonus: The pockets on the trousers I like and goldenrod photo bombing (Click to show)
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@OccultaVexillum what season is that Uniqlo shirt from? The texture looks kinda cool at a distance. Didn't know they ever had collarless/grandad shirts outside of the Lemaire collab.

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Current season as far as I know,
Picked it up in Australia about 2 weeks ago, "beige cotton twill". They had basic whites and blues and stuff too.
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The SW&D Challenge voting thread is up! Thank you to everyone who participated :)


[VOTING] SW&D Challenge: Colors Aplenty!

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