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Unknown Science-Fiction Movie

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I am trying to find out the name of a science fiction movie I think is from the 80s. I saw it when I was a child on television. It is a very obscure movie about a family invaded by some alien beings in their own home and ranch.

Some of the scenes are a small tiny alien that befriends one of the smaller children, a scene where a floating machine/robot chases the family up the stairs and when the family hides in a room and slams the door shut, the robot attempts to break it down with a flaring laser.
A scene with two monsters in the barn area fighting each other , time shifts, and so forth.

Anyone know what this movie is? Anyone know what I am referring to or talking about? I have been trying to figure out this movie out of curiosity it has been killing me as I want to rent this somewhere and see it again.

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please someone help me...

ive exhausted google, movie sites, sci fi movie experts ask a question sites, wiki, etc.
they all dont know.

was this movie a figment of my imagination perhaps? i remember these scenes so vividly. was this a childhood imaginative dream of mine?
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was this an American movie, brother?
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Sounds like you were watching ET on acid.
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yes brother, i believe it was. it was on american television , i saw it on tv around early 80s. but it may have been older than that. it was not a big movie on tv at the time, just some sci fi movie they had on one night.

and no, i was not on acid. ever.
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so an alien befriends a family, and their were evil robots chasing them down? could you describe what the alien looks like?
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I've been looking for like an hour but really alien invasion + children isn't alot to go on, sorry
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Sounds similar to the old favourite Batteries Not Included. I know it's not as you mention a ranch and what not, best ignore what I've just posted.

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thanks guys for trying.

the little alien is like a she-alien kind of greenish and like a half foot tall. she befriends the little girl of the family.

there were not alot of robots chasing the family, just one piece of hardware/robot floating toaster thing that chased them up the stairs and into a bedroom. the thing tried to take down the door with a laser but failed to do so and left. that was it.

there were alot of random things that happened at this home and ranch. i remember ranch because i think there was a barn.

at the end of the movie, all the creatures and happenings were actually good omens to the the family that were confused about why they were happening, because a very bright and beautiful sanctuary was revealed to them at the end.
i think the monsters and robots were trying to hint to them the ocming of the sanctuary , but the family were confused and thought every thing was scary and bad at first.
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could it be ET 2? i saw that in the philippines in the early 1980s as a youngster. ET has an elephantine trunk and kills campers or ranchers... maybe there was a happy ending?
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E.T. on acid lol. I don't think this movie you described exists. Yet. You should film it.
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Originally Posted by Hard2Fit View Post
Sounds like you were watching ET on acid.

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Spaced Invaders? I remember watching that one in elem/middle school... sort of a cheesy comedy/sci-fi hybrid. I liked it then but I'm sure if I saw it now, it would be terrible. Anyway, I have no idea if this is the movie you have in mind, but kids befriending small green aliens and a robot like thing with a lazer sounds familiar.
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Whitley Streibers 'Communion'? not seen it, but may fit the bill...
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It's not Mac and Me (1988), by any chance? Has a kid in a wheelchair, not a daughter (but there's a daughter in the movie, according to IMDB).
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