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Hi all,

I've never had a nice pair of black formal shoes – so since i'm getting married I figured now is the time. I've been drawn to the entry level english shoes (Loake 1880 and Barker Handcrafted) but pricing in Aus seems a little ridiculous and the UK is no longer exporting Loakes.

I've been looking at the Barker handcrafted line (and currently have a 20% discount available) so I can get a pair for about $320 AUD which from everything i've read seems good but a lot of the shoes are a G fit which i'm a little concerned about and I can't find anywhere that stocks them locally. I've tried both Loakes F (a little tight but not bad at all) and G (A little loose, some heal movement).

Does anyone have any experience with Barker and their sizing? Are there any local alternative brands I should be considering instead?

Any advice would be appreciated.