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Your MadeInItaly - Official Affiliate Thread

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Hi all, my name is Marco and I’m one of the architects of the YourMadeInItaly.com project, and I would like to introduce myself to this forum not merely promoting our website as only a skilled salesman could do but, on the contrary, by speaking to you about the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect.


What do you think of when people mention Italy?


Its splendid and historical cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence?
of the big names in music like Pavarotti, Bocelli, Verdi?
of its great painters, like Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli?
of great writers, like Dante Alighieri or Petrarca?
of the absolute geniuses, like Leonardo Da Vinci or Galileo Galilei?
Or, in a more recent context, of the supercars, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati…?
But the big names in fashion are particularly famous: Valentino, D&G, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, Ferragamo…


Italy!! Such a small country that for centuries has given birth to so many geniuses and artists, who with their work, innate talent and products have contributed over the years to creating what is now a universally known brand for its quality, unique design, luxury, style and prestige:  ‘Made in Italy’.


Have you ever wondered what the real secret of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand is?


Despite an increasingly newer, more aggressive and better-equipped competition, Italian products are still the ones par excellence, the most sought-after, but even the most imitated and copied.


Why? What is the secret?


No one manages to match Made in Italy's quality, especially no one can match the continuous search for detail, accuracy, that creative element that makes an Italian product different and better than all the others.

So, is quality the secret?


No, ‘Made in Italy’ is something different, something unique. It’s a product made of selected raw materials, elements which add value, fine details. Not only that; it's also about craftsmanship, innate creativity, new ideas, love for challenges and artisans’ unequalled ability to craft unique products, each one different from the other.


But, what is a craftsman?


The concept of the craftsman is often associated with hard, strenuous work, poorly paid and unqualified.
At times this is the case, but I would say that there is much more.
Those who know how to do something concrete and tangible, who know how to create an object from scratch, how to transform raw material into a work of art, in my opinion have true wealth in their hands.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100


Today’s work world is increasingly geared towards virtual work activities, which generate intangible results. But it is said that the true wealth of a country is given by what that country with its work system is able to create, to make with materials and talent.


Italy has numerous craftsman traditions, for example the industrial districts of textiles, glass, ceramics, iron, leather, food, etc.


While they have traditionally been based on manual labor, over the years they have adapted to highly technological work processes, while maintaining the ancient skills of the master craftsmen.


Nonetheless these jobs, and these workers, struggle to survive. And the cases are numerous. In 5 years, Italy lost 75,500 artisan companies and as of today, this industry has less than 1,380,000 active companies, employing around 1,500,000 employees. Between 2008 and 2013, the textile, clothing and woodwork industries were hit the hardest by the financial crisis; the employment rate dropped by 109,250 workers (-23.9%).



Technology, digital advancement, e-commerce, low cost mass production, high fixed costs, bureaucratic difficulties and credit lines are amplifying and accelerating the death of an artisan industry that is still accustomed to a slow pace, and pen and paper instead of pc and tablet.


Are these two realities ever going to coexist? What if they could cross paths and give life to a new way of purchasing products?








This is where our project YourMadeInItaly.com comes into play.



Everything starts with the desire to bring prestige back to all those ancient artisan traditions of our Bel Paese which have for years and decades helped Italian products become THE products par excellence.


Too often we find shops full of products labeled ‘Made in Italy’ that are actually only partially assembled in Italy at best, while the core manual labor is outsourced to a foreign workforce with questionable professionalism...


For us, Made in Italy means something that is designed, developed, created, finished and packaged by artisans who are Italian and work in Italy. We also take it one step further and connect you with the same artisans who will make you touch and feel all the passion behind a genuine artisan product. We are making contact between two diametrically opposed worlds in need of each other: the small-scale craftsmen with innate artistic abilities on the one hand, and an increasingly demanding and refined web community in continual growth, on the other.


Imagine being able to wish for a product made exclusively for you, a unique piece, perhaps coming from your own imagination or a drawing you made. Made in Italy, by true Italian artisans, and labelled 100% Made in Italy.




You may be asking yourself what products it’s possible to have made…


There are numerous craftsmen and new ones are joining the project, each specialized in a specific area. For now, we have started with leather and our current artisans are able to create belts, bags, briefcases, and other small-scale leather products.


We use the vegetable tanned vachetta Tuscan leather that has a lot of pros. Plant extracts are the secret of the slow and natural process which maintains unaltered the properties of the leather, exalting its quality and fragrance.
This guarantees individual features such as softness, warmth, resilience and durability over time.
The Pros of vegetable tanning are:
- most of the hide comes from the food industry, so no animals are killed just for their hide,
- no toxic substances are used, such as synthetic dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol or chromium IV. Those substances are noxious for both nature and humans,
- no hide is the same as another: grain, tone, color, thickness and softness may vary, this is a guarantee of natural and handcrafted features,
- Plant extracts contribute to enriching and giving that unmistakable scent to leather,
- Leather improves with age. Without chemical substances, colors slowly alter, assuming slight tone variations. The hidden grain can come to the surface. It is enriched over time, gradually taking on traces of your experience in an unrepeatable way. The scent of it mixes with your own.


We even make custom-made buckles: nickel-free, with gold, palladium, ruthenium finishing …




Our idea of ‘custom-made’ is so precise that each client’s needs are listened to attentively. Projects, ideas, objects, whether handmade or engraved, or even products created with attention to detail from not as well-known sectors…



Possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

In conclusion, I hope to be a useful resource for this forum and to bring our full contribution.

Feel free to PM me anytime or contact me through YourMadeInItaly.com with your ideas, projects, suggestions and designs in order to see them created by true Italian artisans, because we believe that true luxury is having something custom-made.

Over the next weeks, I’ll be giving you a taste of the products and custom-made projects completed recently, but for a complete overview of our project, don’t miss to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.



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This was a custom-made project.


A customer asked us for a briefcase similar to the Churchill bag here below, but with specific features.




He asked for a similar bag but more modern, not so distresses, smaller but sturdy enough to carry 30 pounds on a daily basis, 3 internal sections and specific pockets.




After a month of an intense email exchange, comparing ideas and listening suggestions of our Italian craftsmen, we have fixed all the features and made this one-of-a-kind briefcase.









He told us that it attracts compliments everywhere he goes and we are very proud of the result.

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Hi all, today I'd like to tell you about another exciting custom-made project done recently.

Tamara’s husband was very attached to his woven leather belt, so much so that he made last it over 20 years.


He would have used it for as many more if it hadn’t been so worn and unwearable, take a look!




We needed just a few pictures to recreate the belt, identical in every detail to the original and brand it as authentic Made in Italy product.

Tamara was thus thrilled to give her husband one of the most amazing and unexpected gifts ever.



What's the most loved and worn garment or accessory that you have ?

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   Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable tanning is still nowadays the most traditional, the most recognisable and the only one able to give leather unique characteristics.





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Fashion has always been the realm of oddness, extravagance and designer outfits, but Fabio has his own unique and distinguished style.

It was not necessary to buy what is ‘in’ now to express his individual sense of style.





On the contrary, a tailor-made leather outfit best satisfied his need to be cool.


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For years Mohsin had been looking for someone who could make a customized briefcase to take with him on his numerous business trips. A functional bag, with specific characteristics and dimensions, with a naturally worn look.  
Some bag makers he contacted didn’t have the leather that he liked.
Others weren’t able to make the bag to his requests.


Finally Moshin found us and after an intense exchange of e-mails and sketches, we made for him what he defines his ‘last’ bag.
It is made of vegetable-tanned leather with unique characteristics, able to ‘age’ with him and take in the traces of his daily life.








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Happiness is in the small things.


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Norbert is a sportbike racer.

Finding technical apparel that fits him well has always been a problem because of his tall and burly build.

The alternatives: a great suit but not available in his size, or an acceptable (but not perfect) suit, but not very stylish.





Our craftsman Amedeo has created for Norbert a made-to-measure leather suit with all the high-speed protectors and a graphic design suggested by Norbert himself.
Not only that! To simplify the wearability, we have come up with a frontal flap with two lateral zippers.


Seeing Norbert speeding around tracks and confidently taking every curve is one of our greatest satisfactions.




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Nowadays men also frequently use bags, briefcases, purses and messenger bags and they, too, put everything they need inside them, as women do: wallet, smartphone, tablet, keys, books, ... even a 'survival kit', since "you never know what you might need." :-)




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The clothing of movies, often stands out as much as the story or the actors, especially the leather jackets.


This is a Wolverine inspired leather jacket that we have custom made in the past for an enthusiastic fan.







If you're looking for a particular bespoke replica leather jacket, feel free to contact us and we will probably be able to custom make that for you ;-)

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