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Hello everyone.
I would like to share a problem I have with my red wing IRs. I have a pair of boots 9.5 size that the left one has creased to perfection , and the right one has a crease exactly behind the stitching of the cap to that digs into my big toe and kills it. I know that my right foot is a bit smaller than the left but also I noticed that the CAP TOE at the right boot is 0.5 cm longer than the left . Could this be the reason that the leather can't crease properly or is it just my feet ?
If it's my feet I can try and live with it , if it's because of the boot , im really fed up with the red wing boots " small " and " expected " defects (as they state) .

Pic attached that you can see the difference in cap toe length and creasing

Any help is appreciated .

Thank you