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Just don't ask him to post any pictures of ... well, anything. Even that lady creeped me out, not to mention the other pictures.
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You don't need to fast to achieve the goals you want. I wouldn't recommend fasting - if you're not controlling your diet on non-fast days, then you're likely to be making up for the calorie deficit. Furthermore, if you're not careful you'll also eat extra to compensate for the calories you burn at the gym (there are human and animal models to back this up). You have the right mindset to make a difference to your health, however your approach might need some tweaking - why not visit a dietician?
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i have fasted for spiritual reasons rather than purely physical ones, but here's my take the physical side of it. DO NOT drink caffeine... it's terrible for your body whether you're fasting or not, and taking it while fasting will only amplify it's effects.   to me, fasting means ingesting water and nothing else. no juices, no fruits, only water, but i'm a purist. one of the benefits as i see it is that after a couple of days of this, when you do start to drink juice, have soup, etc... you will cease craving heavy, greasy foods. if you fast for 2 days, you won't wake up on the third day wanting a bacon cheeseburger.  you'll gain an awareness about how your body reacts to different foods and you will naturally, without effort, crave lighter, healthier foods.
Very well said. As for detox, we are detoxing the entire body, most importantly the colon. Fasting allows us to free up energy usually used in digestion (a huge amount) and use it it for body cleansing.
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Just don't ask him to post any pictures of ... well, anything. Even that lady creeped me out, not to mention the other pictures.
Glad to be of service. l must admit to being drawn to those type of pictures. l love the dark side and the misery it entails. Grim pictures and grim music rule. l better stop typing now before l say something which freaks you all completely out. l love the pictures of the old lady, l have several enlarged copies. l love the grim pictures too [like my avator], they are bizarre, alittle like me. No-one has ever met anyone like me, l am as different as a person could ever be. A well dressed person who is totally out there. Amen. Grim regards: shooman.
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marc37, I'm a weirdo too and I love the picture of the happy old lady with the bad Beatles haircut too. I don't find it grim at all.
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no, not grim. just unattractive.
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no, not grim. just unattractive.
Oh come on, we all know the first things that pop in your head when you see her picture are XXX thoughts.
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Stu, There is no definitive physiological benefit to fasting. The body has a variety of adaptive mechanisms for coping with periods of lean caloric input and the net result is an overall conservation of stored energy. The reality is, some amount of daily carbohydrate is needed to effectively burn off fat in a healthy fashion. If you fast for a couple of days and then resume your usual diet, you run the risk of a rebound effect to compensate for the prior days' deficits (I agree with MPS's post). I am stunned to admit this, but Marc37 is correct in noting that we eat too much (American more so than other nationalities, but the rest of you are catching up sadly). I'm not too sure I agree with his other thoughts on this matter, but to each his own. There was some controversy over discussion of BMI on a prior post; I'll avoid that topic but will perhaps open a different can of worms with the following: (1) Try to figure out your ideal body weight (there are variety of different ways of doing this, I'll give one example): allow 106 lbs for the first 5 feet in height and add an additional 6 lbs for every addtional inch. This can be adjusted upwards by 10% if you have a larger frame (or reduced by the same amount if you have a smaller frame). (2) Multiply your ideal body weight (not your actual body weight) by 10-15 to approximate your daily caloric requirements. For men, multiply by 10 if you are sedentary AND over the age of 55, or obese; multiply by 13 if you are sedentary OR over the age of 55; multiply by 15 in all other cases. This will give you your ideal daily caloric intake (some athletes will naturally require substantially more calories, but I am directing this to the average person who is trying to lose weight.). (3) A 3500 calorie deficit per week will produce a one pound loss of body fat. So, if you reduce your ideal daily caloric intake (as calculated above) by 500 calories per day then over the course of 7 days you can expect to lose one pound of fat. If you exercise, the resulting caloric expenditure can be included and the expected weight loss calculated (eg. if you eat 250 calories less per day and expend a net negative 250 calories with exercise, the total is 500 calories lost and the rate of weight loss will be the same). Even if you only lose 5-10% of your body weight, you should expect to see an improvement in your cholesterol (and blood pressure or blood sugar problems if any). Remember, fat should be <30% of daily calories (saturated fat <10%) and cholesterol should be less than 300mg per day.
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Every two or three months I fast for about 3 days on just water, then after it, I gradually increase my food intake from fruit juice, to fruit then onto carbohydrates. After the meal I go to the loo and a whole lot of black stuff comes out. It certainly feels better after it. I also agree on people in western cultures eating far too much. I myself am a victim at times, but I just love eating.
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Try asking on a muslim message board, they fast every year for ramadan
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This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard of. Why would you starve yourself volunarily unless you're doing it for religious reasons?
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I once went on a very long body cleansing dietary program that went through stages. It started out as a vegan diet and then moved into a lot of raw or lightly steamed vegetables, salads, and fruit, with whole grains for carbs. Finally, I spend 6 weeks eating nothing but grapes. In the first couple of weeks I lost about 25 lbs. and then gained back around 10, eating nothing but grapes the whole time. I came off it by first adding other types of fruit, then salads, and eventually moved back into eating cooked foods like brown rice and tofu.

So, why would anyone fast? Or in my case, undergo a radical, long-term change in dietary lifestyle?

Among the basest of reasons, how about vanity? Want to look and feel younger than you are, clear up your complexion, and drop a lot of toxic cargo that will eventually be a health liability? Try it, you might be pleasantly susprised -- and you won't end up looking like the wheat grass lady unless you started out looking that way to begin with.
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I still dont know what to make of all this talk of "detox," though it will definatly help you understand your body better. Most people can not tell the difference in being mildly thirsty and being hungry. Fasting cleared this up for me.

I dont think I will fast again, but I always try to get enough fiber in my diet.
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Originally Posted by Reggs
Most people can not tell the difference in being mildly thirsty and being hungry. Fasting cleared this up for me.

This is a really good point.
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I have done some fasting over the past few weeks - basically two weeks on, then a week off, then a week on, a week off, and I am starting tomorrow for two weeks. just raw fruits and vegetables and fruit and vegetable juices, tea. so far, I lost 25 pounds from it. not a pure fast, but close enough for me.
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