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University Ball Suit Advice

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So after having attended a few balls and wearing a trusty old black suit of mine (usually with a colourful tie of some sort) I'm thinking of getting a new suit for the next one I attend for something different that stands out a bit without being out of place. I like the idea of having a blue suit/brown belt and shoes/checkered shirt outfit in general but I'm wondering if this would be suitable for a university ball? (EDIT: For context, the ball is also "Moroccan" themed though I don't think that's meant to have any bearing on the dresscode.)


The event details say black tie but based on my previous experience (and double checking with the organisers) it appears this isn't a proper black tie event - ie ties and suits of other colours are welcome (in the past I've seen some wacky tie colours and blue and grey suits).


What I haven't seen however (looking back at photos of previous years) is anyone matching a checkered shirt with a suit - I'm guessing this combination may be reserved more for business/less formal situations? I really like how the combination looks, but at the same time get the feeling this probably wouldn't be suitable?


For reference here's the suit jacket I'm currently looking at getting, along with some standard brown formal shoes. The check shirt I was looking at was something like this (same brand, but the pattern was slightly different and I don't think it had a breast pocket). To get an idea of the overall picture I was aiming for, here's a suit combo from the same company. Would this sort of thing be appropriate for my event you think, or should I maybe go with a safer plane white shirt instead?



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Plain white shirt is almost always the safer bet, but you can get away with that shirt and a solid tie...just not like the suit combo you linked. That looks bad....shirt doesn't work with a suit and shiny matching tie isn't a good look.
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Yeah not a fan of the tie in that combo, more just the idea of checkered shirt with blue/navy suit - would checkered shirt work better with a darker navy type suit maybe?

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The two shirts are quite different, so which were you thinking of?


It all depends on how formal you want to be, the small check is the least formal and a plain white shirt is the most formal. I know our black tie ball (and black tie means tuxedo/dinner jacket not just a black tie) at uni had as many people in jeans and t-shirts as it did tuxedos with many just in trousers and shirts.... the lasses made more of an effort.


Unless you want the suit to only be usable for evening events then avoid a shiny finish.

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Here's pictures of the two suit colours I'm looking at - one is navy the other is dark blue. The tie is just a placeholder. Which suit colour do you think is better and does that shirt go with either of them? If not for the ball (I can switch it for a white one if I need to make it more formal) but in general? I'd like to wear brown shoes/belt with the suit too if that changes anything.

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My laptop screen is terrible for colour reproduction so cannot comment on the suits in particular but in general I'd rather go for a dark/midnight blue for a social event but navy for business/ interview/ court etc. So money no object, wardrobe full of suits etc then midnight blue but if you need to think about reusability of the garment then I'd more likely go for navy even though its not the best for the event itself.

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