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High rise pants

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Can anybody recommend some high rise pants for me. I have always liked pants with a high rise because of the way they look and feel but they seem to be almost impossible to find. Im looking for jeans and also dress pants. Most pants I have tried on in stores will say 'sits at the natural waist' or something like that but their never high enough. Preferably I would like these pants to be 50 dollars and under but any price is ok.

Also for anybody who is interested I have found a couple of pairs of pants that have a high rise. The first is the wrangler 13mwz cowboy cut jean. Im not sure if their quite a high rise but they are definately higher than most. The other pants are the circle s cotton ranch pants. These have a nice high rise and overall look very good but for me the only down side is the belt loops. They are western style keystone belt loops and personally im not a big fan of them thought some people might like them. Thanks
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if you like Epaulet. they have high rise pants 



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Thanks for your reply, those pants look pretty nice but I think the legs are a little narrow for my taste
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13wmz is the original broken twill denim 


but nothing compares to STF levis 501. 

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