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Ulster Coats

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Good Evening Gents!


My name is Matt and I am a big lover of this forum and classic men's fashion. My question to you guys is, where did all the Ulster coats go? Why does no one make them anymore? I'd really love to get myself one, but they seem quite difficult to track down for a reasonable amount of money. I live in NYC and it does get quite cold here in the winter and I think an ulster would be wonderful for those bitter winters. Just to clarify the style i'm looking for (because i know there was an evolution of what is known as an ulster) i'm including pics.


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Thanks for the help fellas,



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What's a reasonable amount of money?  

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If you're looking for a true Ulster, you're probably looking at bespoke. With fewer men wearing tailored clothing, there are even fewer buying tailored overcoats. Polo coats and simple topcoats remain, but it's harder and harder to find other styles.

That said, if you're just looking for something with an Ulster collar, you can probably find one at a traditional shop. Maybe check O'Connels or something. A lot of those old trad clothiers have deadstock. Some designers also make Ulster collar coats, but stock and designs vary from season to season.

Eidos had a tweed Ulster coat a year or two ago, but those things come once in a blue moon.

Price for ready-to-wear will probably be $1,250+. Price for bespoke will likely start at $3,000. Your other option is to thrift. I've seen some nice overcoats in thrift stores for as little as $75.
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found one guys! it should be coming in about a week! So excited!!!!!
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Hey guys, coat came yesterday and is awesome! 

A couple of questions though, it does not have a belt in the back but it does have cuffs, patch pockets, contrast stitching, ect... so is it still technically an ulster with out the belt?

Also it can button both ways in the front but it has an inside button only on one side instead of both, is that normal. If so why have it able to button on both sides if there's only one jigger button?

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