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Just bought a pair of Chippewa's Service Boots in Tan Renegade and loving them so far. With the wealth of information out there w/r/t care, it's somewhat overwhelming and I could use some advice.


I've applied Dr. Marten's Wonder Balsam and it altered the color a bit (more chestnutty than tanish). I'd rather avoid further alterations. Specifically, is there a way I can wax/make the boots water-resistant the leather without changing the color significantly? I have a thing of Allen Edmonds Conditioner Cleaner on the way, which I'm hoping'll restore the original color (along with time), but with as wet as it gets here, I've been reading up on  Obenauf, Dubbins, G-wax, and a few other products, but they all seem to alter the color. Hm...


I've already sent an e-mail to Chippewa abt. recommendations, but have yet to hear from them.