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SuitSupply Plain Blue Suit Color

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Hi, I am looking to get a solid Navy suit and have my eye on a SuitSupply suit in Plain Blue (Napoli or Lazio).  I am aware that this color is slightly lighter than a classic Navy suit, but I am wondering, for those of you who have it, would it be a good substitution for a traditional Navy color and how much lighter is it in person?  My job requires me to wear a suit maybe 5-10 times a year, and I would wear it a couple more times to weddings, other social events, etc.  It looks a bit lighter than Navy but not a too casual blue, it is hard to tell from the photos however.  It looks like a great suit from the reviews on here.  It is a bit of a shame that the Lazio nor the Napoli are offered in a traditional Navy color.

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I've been looking for a blue Lazio myself and found this one too. Unfortunately for me it is slightly too light and bright. I still plan to see it in person. I tend to wear suits once a month and to the office and this may come off as being a bit too casual.

Having said that it may not be an issue for you. Perhaps there is someone here that has a few photos to share.
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Thank you for the information, yes the Plain Blue perhaps can work for me but I'd prefer more of a darker color if possible.  There is a Blue Line Napoli herringbone suit that comes in a darker shade of Blue that I may try, looks like a nice shade of Navy.  I was looking for something plain but herringbone can work just as well.

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Perhaps a bit had to tell, but the pictures of both are attached.  The left is the plain blue, right is the Navy.  They both look and feel like great suits.  While I was intending on the Navy color, the plain blue looks pretty sharp in person.  

IMG_0685.jpg 2,137k .jpg file

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Comments on the jacket fit would be appreciated.  I am normally a 36R (I am 5'8, 137 lbs) in many other suit brands, this is a 34R Napoli.  Overall the jacket feels good, the only thing I notice is that the arms holes feel a bit snug (or its that they fit perfect?).  I would be concerned if say I gained a little weight.  I am thinking to try a 36R, however I am concerned that the shoulder width would then become too big.  The shoulders here seem to be the correct width. This is the Navy Herringbone by the way.  


The pants fit almost perfect, just need to shorten the length a bit.  



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I think the fit looks great. Other than the short sleeves I think you'll do well in the Napoli.
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The sleeves are ridiculously short, other wise fit is quite reasonable for RTW. That said the SS website shows that disastrous way on its model and follows up with a bull shit description of its chosen shoulder style for this week being considered more formal. That is utter rubbish, would Anderson and Shepherd and others such as Hitchcock and English Cut still be in business if their 'soft' shoulder style was inferior? No SS is simply spinning to reel in the man in the street. Most are so gullible that if such a supplier to say that having one red and one blue was the height of formality many saps would fall for it.

SS is in business to make money not to give style advice.
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I'm going to take a different tack, here. I don't think the fit is all that great, RTW or not. It's clearly too small with the pulling at the waist, the hight button point, the shortness of the jacket, and of course the sleeves. I'd suggest going a size up and having it taken in as needed. Also, I'd be wary of lengthening the sleeves on that jacket because SuSu uses working cuff buttons, and adding length to the sleeves might place the cuff buttons in an awkwardly high stance.

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If I go up in size, I am afraid the shoulders will be too big.  The shoulder width right now seems good.  The sleeves are slightly short, but the white shirt I am wearing is slightly long so I think it gives it a worse effect.  I am thinking if I were to size up I would size up in a Lazio rather than a Napoli, since that is a slimmer cut than the Napoli and the shoulders will then be comparable.  


I am not sure that I see the jacket being too short, the jacket ends mid-crotch which is normally where I thought it should be.   

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I am not sure that I see the jacket being too short, the jacket ends mid-crotch which is normally where I thought it should be.   


Mid crotch? I'm not sure exactly what that means, but according to the picture the jacket is too short. And not by a little. Don't ignore the buttoning point either. It's far too high. As for your other points, if some parts fit well and others do not it probably means that's not the right model for you. IMO it's not good.

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