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Brian, What am I advocating?...hmmm. In brief. In a perfect world, the less the electronics, recording gear and processing get in the way, the better the end result, in a nutshell. More lifelike, in an acoustic setting. But, whatever it takes sometimes to get a documentary of an musical event, I think sometimes transends the method of  achieving pristine sound. If you attend to the smallest details as far as PLAYBACK is concerned, does seem to transports you back further sonically to the performance. Some production values suck, depending on the musical result, artist, what have you. It depends on ones sensibilities. Some people, for instance may like the Mapleshade recording philosophy and cd recordings. Others may feel that the sound is too raw. Some may like the way other engineers record there labels products. Eric Kongshaug, the owner, house engineer for ECM records has a certain way of recording. Some may like that, over say a Jim Anderson or over the way Mark Levinson may approach recording a musical event. The technique, mics, etc. plays apart. Some artists are more responsive than others. It depends. I hope that helps. bespoken2