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custom shirts & new tailor recommendations (NYC)

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TLDR: looking for new custom shirt company and tailor in NYC

I'm on the hunt for a new tailor in NYC. I've been using Downtown Alteration Specialists for a while now and am really not impressed. Fairly expensive for the quality and always trying to push unnecessary work. One time I was getting around ~$500 worth of work done and they tried to charge me $20 to resew a button.

Any suggestions? In the past I used and was very, very happy with Wilfred's Tailor. Expensive but really fantastic work. Always recommended what needed to be done and advised against unnecessary work / lost causes.

Second, I'm a former customer of CEGO and am looking for a new MTM shirt maker in the same price range ($125 - $150). I'd prefer someone based in NYC so that I can place orders and pick-up in person in case alterations need to be made. My understanding is the Kamakura does not alter the pattern of the body (shoulder, chest, waist) of the shirt otherwise I'd head there.

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Hard to find a quality local shirt maker at that price point. Is it not possible to work out your issues with Cego? May be your best bet.

There is a NYC alterations tailor thread. Check it out. Tons of information there.
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Turns out Wilfred's has reopened. Crisis averted!

Most threads on NYC tailors are crazy old and I've been to most of them. Was hoping a new one had popped up of quality.
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Not sure if you've tried Wazin on 57th but I've had fairly good luck with him doing quite extensive reworking of OTR suits and prices were'nt astronomical. I have no idea what his Bespoke work is like though.
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