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Allen Edmonds?

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I recently purchased my first pair of Allen Edmonds and had some questions about them, as something struck me as a bit odd when I received them.

I went to the store to try them on and could return to take a look at what I did try on, but figured this would be a good place to start.

Long story, they didn't have the size or color I wanted so I ordered from the states. (I'm in Canada)

Honestly, they don't seem like new shoes, there are some scuffs, the leather looks wrinkled and the leather is extremely soft. I typically buy cheap shoes, so maybe these are all things that part of something that is made a bit better, but it seems strange.

Scuffs here and there are fine I guess, I'll wear them once and probably end up doing the same amount of wear, but the really soft leather that is kind of wrinkled seems a bit odd to get out of the box.

Is this normal? Did I get some used shoes or duds?

link to shoe: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-bainbridge-cap-toe-derby-men/4318818

Any advice is appreciated.

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Well, they aren't used, or at least they have never been worn outside. The marks on the heel are likely just shop wear, from having people try them on. Don't worry about it, as the sole will be substantially more scuffed the first time you wear them outside. The wrinkly leather is another issue though. A few years back AE started their "Rough" collection of shoes which used a more casual leather. In actuality, this is cheaper leather as well and I suspect is as much of a decision to increase their profit margin as it was a design decision. The further away from the spine of the animal it comes from, the more wrinkly the leather will tend to be, and also less expensive.

There's a good thread on leather quality here:

Here's an image from that thread:

The wrinkly leather simply isn't very high quality leather. AE has made that part of the design so I doubt they will say anything is wrong with the shoe, as this is intended to be a very casual shoe. If you are unhappy with them, just return them.
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Ah thank you for the response, I'll have a read to educate myself about leather quality; interesting stuff.
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