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Yeah, the size is ideal to me.

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Beautiful pocket squares, thanks for the review. Some great examples of them 'in action' as well. :fonz:

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First time I see any realicing the different ways on sewing the corners.



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Anton was kind enough to offer me a some squares in exchange for my thoughts. The majority of my thoughts, though, concerned the branding: I've harped on the need to play up the artist aspect of the squares, as that personal element is what sets these squares apart from say, Kent Wang, who also utilizes art.


I pretty much agree with Caustic's assessment: the size is great, and I prefer a different style of stitching for the rolled edges, but this isn't something that's particularly important to me. I'd also add that the silk is significantly less "wet" than it appears in a number of pictures on the website, particularly the ones with the squares stuffed into a pocket.


I chose two squares, Still Life as it was done by a Korean artist and Visions of an Urban Peasant because my wife liked it. Design wise, both are great, with Visions being the sort that is tough to go wrong with, but Still Life really stands out for its versatility. It is probably easier to mess up (the wrong colors or shapes showing), but when done right, I think it will look good with many different ties/jackets/shirts.


Visions of an Urban Peasant


Still Life

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I saw your top fit in WAYWRN and wondered if that might be an R. Culturi square. I loved hearing your thoughts as well.

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Based on @Caustic Man's review I bought two squares from R. Culturi. They were delivered mid-week. I like 'em. I bought the wool/silk "Tides" square, and, "Knight's Move", all silk. I am impressed by the quality of both squares, based on the hand feel. Printing is excellent, and I have no complaints about the finish. I have only worn the blue one so far, and on the one day this week when I didn't photograph myself. Ah, well.


I, too, like the size. Not too small to disappear in the pocket, but not too big to where it causes the lapel of my jacket to bow out. I have squares by Rampley & Co, Rubinacci, Ikire Jones, and maybe others that have artwork printed on them and these R. Culturi squares are as good as any. In the end, it comes down to whether or not you like the design printed on the square, at least it does for me. Their designs are good, the squares are very nice. Thumbs up from me.

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Also Still Life
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Anton also offered to send me some pocket squares free of charge. I did a post on them here: (link). 


In my opinion the best thing about them is an exclusive art work that has been printed on the silk pocket square. It is also important for me that they acknowledge the artist. Knight's Move is my favourite and have to say that it is one of the nicest new designs I have seen on pocket square. 

Since then R. Culturi started finishing the edges by hand, some of the first batches were machine finished. I very much like the relatively big size and proper weight which allows it to create a nice buff in the breast pocket. For some it might be too big though.

Shipment was very fast and the contact prompt.


I can see that they offer a very stylish envelopes now with a stamp - great idea.

It is truly unique product and can recommend it to anyone.

Below a photo of me with the Knight's Move square.

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