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Adicted to boots

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Hello everybody;


This is my first post in this forum so first of all hello all.


As the titel says, I have a sweet problem....I am so addicted to boots...I love to wear them and to polish them. I have a tendency towards Dr. Marteens and Solovair.


I am about to order a couple of Solovair boots.


The first one is for sure the Gaucho Leather Twin Strap Boot:  http://www.britboot.co.uk/file/Icdirj7/5bc9a616-c3b9-4967-b418-96e48d3989ea.jpg


the second one is either the Solovair Hawkings in Oxblood leather: http://www.britboot.co.uk/engine/shop/product/SLB21/Solovair+-+%22Hawkins%22+Oxblood+Leather+Boot+%2811+Eyelet%29




the Solovair Englander in black with the commando sole: http://www.britboot.co.uk/engine/shop/product/SLBS05/Solovair+-+Englander+-++Black+Leather+Boot+With+Steel+Toe+Cap+%2811+Eyelet%29 


I have never seen the Englander before so I am worried that the commando sole is going to make me look like a Frankenstein wanna be.....Is any of you guys familiar with the Englander from Solovair? Is the commando sole overly chunky in comparaison with the regular sole?


Thank a lot for any feed back



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Ask this in the skinhead thread.
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