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Suit Feedback

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I'm looking for feedback on the fit of this suit for my wedding. It's a sharkskin charcoal Egara suit that I bough a while back, before I knew much about suits. I've already gotten the pants slimmed down a little bit and the jacket cuffs shortened, although I might get them shortened a little more. Wearing it now, it still seems quite boxy and long to me.

A side by side comparison of the suit I want to wear (left) and another suit I own (right, but with the same pants) shows how different they are.








Here are some extra pics with just the pants and the shirt.







My questions are:

-What feedback would you give regarding the fit of this suit & shirt?

-Is it possible to have the suit jacket on the left tailored to be ~1-2" shorter and taken in on the sides. Would this give a similar look to the suit on the right?

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The suit jacket on the right is too small. Perhaps the darker jacket could be taken in a little. Both jackets should show shirt cuff. Both pairs of pants have a problem around the leg opening - probably too too long and maybe slightly narrow.
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Never try to shorten the coat of ANY suit

Think, the side pockets and their relationship with the bottom. The balance would lost and it will simply look dreadful.
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Neither fits particularly well, but the one on the left definitely fits better. As someone else mentioned, the one on the right is too short and too small. BTW, you seem to have a dropped right shoulder, causing that rippling on the right side of your chest. Just something to be aware of when making future purchases.

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