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London Shirtmakers

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Hi! I'm looking to find a shirtmaker in London. I'm quite new to MTM shirts so going straight to the top isn't one of my main priorities. I'm mainly looking to for someone I can stay with for a while and quite regularly and with whom I can make a great relationship.


Can anyone recommend a nice bespoke shirtmaker in London?



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Eat a lot of fish and chips with beer. Follow it up with coffee. Perfect recipe for a shitmaker
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There is any good shirtmaker in London, hence I aprove your tittle “shitmakers” lol



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First you say you want bespoke, then you say you want MTM and then go back to saying bespoke..... which one is it? What is your per shirt budget?


Assuming you do mean bespoke then the issue you are likely to come across is that most london based shirt makers are comparitavely expensive and often have a minimum order of 5 shirts. Obviously there are the very basic MTM options out there but you are limited with the amount of adjustments they make for you - eg havent seen any that allow you to set the wrist size. Alternatively there are travelling shirt makers that come to London periodically who, subject to currency movements, can offer much better value options and most dont have minimum order numbers.

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Sorry I meant to say MTM. My budget is around £100 a shirt and more than happy ordering 5 at a time.


I've heard of the travelling shirt makers. Have you had any experience with them personally, how was the quality?

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I have a couple from Simone Abbarchi, who visits London a couple of times a year (check his website) and does what is essentially an MTM type service.

Shirts were pretty good - definitely better than any domestic MTM of comparable price. At the time (2/3 yrs ago) he was about E120 a shirt, depending on fabric. Plummeting £ won't have helped, but you could probably still come in at just over £100 p/s with the right fabric.

To be honest I haven't gone back because I tend to order shirts from HK these days using measurements from my best fitting bespokes, as I am not fussed about hand finishing and this works out a cheaper option, but I still regularly wear the shirts I got from Abbarchi.
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Thank you very much! Will definitely look into Simone Abbarchi. Where abouts exactly do you order your shirts from in HK?

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