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Black Tie: Tuxedo/Dinner Jacket: Lapels

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I need to have a new dinner suit made and would quite like a shawl collar. These are common enough.



But, looking at options and have also spotted the "smooth collar". Illustration here:-




I haven't seen this before and feels like a shawl/notched cross but may be more traditional.


I quite like it but is this acceptable?

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I know that the site calls them "collars," but you're really talking about the lapel. The collar is on the shirt. You might get more responses if you title the thread tuxedo lapel, because people seem to have a lot of strong opinions about them.

That said, I'm not one of those. But based solely on the drawing, I don't think the roundness of the smooth collar looks that great. But I might change my mind if I saw it in person. I prefer the peak lapel look for tuxes, except for white ones, where the shawl tends to rule.
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That page you quote handsomely sums up A Suit that Doesn't Fit. This firm simply has cheap MTM made in sweat shops in the far east. If it cannot even describe its merchandise accurately what price its suits?
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I would personally have to see it, and in particular how it looks at the back, before passing any comment. From the drawing it looks to almost disappear at the neck rather than maintaining a width but I am guessing thats just another error on the site.


Generally I am a peak lapels type of person

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